Behind the Scenes

BOOM!’s Ambassador Program: The Welcome Kit

by Ezra Firestone

I launched the BOOM! Ambassador Program in early 2019, and the results have been amazing.

Here’s how it works: We reach out to our most engaged customers to see if they want to become an Ambassador. If they say yes, we send them a Welcome Kit that they use to create images and videos about how much they love our products.

Here’s why it’s great: They get some free stuff and the opportunity to participate in a brand and a mission that they care about, and in return, we get user-generated content that is endlessly valuable. It’s completely changed my ad strategy for 2020!

In this video, I invited Ezekeil (of BOOM!’s social media team) to show you the Welcome Kit that we send to our Ambassadors, including:

  • The custom packaging we use
  • The products we send them (and their friends)
  • Our content creation guidelines
  • And our handwritten welcome letter

This inexpensive kit is all it takes to generate some of the best blog posts and ad content ever!

How (and Why) to Launch Your Own Ambassador Program

Using content generated by our Ambassador Program, BOOM! launched one of its best Facebook ad campaigns EVER, generating $2.8 million from $1.5 million in spend and 36,000 new customers.

To learn how to copy the Facebook ad formula we used in this campaign, and how to launch your own Ambassador Program that will give you the best ad creative you’ve ever seen…

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