Behind the Scenes

Is “Better” Sometimes Unrecognizable?

by Ezra Firestone

Video Highlights:
0:15 “Better” is sometimes unrecognizable
0:28 I didn’t like my new office at first
1:00 It turns out, it’s the best office I’ve ever had
1:10 Sometimes, things that are better than where we are now are so different that we don’t recognize it
1:25 While living in New York City, I couldn’t recognize that living upstate might be better
1:50 If we allow for better being something we don’t recognize right now, it keeps us open to new things
2:10 This relates to your business
2:25 Be risky, be experimental, and it will pay off

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Hey, Ezra here from sitting under my bamboo pergola, pergola as some people call it, which you can’t actually see, but I hope withstands the winter. People don’t really build with bamboo around here in New York.

Anyways, what I’m here to talk about today is better sometimes being unrecognizable. So I’ll give you an example of that. We moved into this new house up here about 60 minutes north of New York City on the Hudson River. And when we moved in, there was only one room that was available to be my office. There were all these other rooms that we had plans for and this room was the one that could be my office. And I took a look at it and I was not happy with it. This was no office for me. It was not big enough. There was not enough windows in it. It was no kind of office for me obviously, right?

So I moved into it because, hey, it was the only room that was available to have an office and I did want an office after all. And it turns out, after being in there for two weeks, it’s the best office I’ve had ever by far. And I wasn’t able to recognize that before. So sometimes things that are better than where you are now is so different from where you are now that you don’t even recognize it.

Another example of that is we now live in Upstate New York, about 60 minutes north of the city. And when I was living in the city, when we were living in the city, I would not have recognized this lifestyle of up here in the country and walking out into your back deck and having a lawn and the whole living in nature as a better option. Now my wife was very interested in this experience and I will follow her anywhere. Whatever she wants, I am for and I will do that. But I wasn’t so sure about this strategy of leaving the city. Turns out the best decision we’ve ever made.

So you don’t have to but it’s nice to be willing to allow for better as something that you don’t even recognize right now and the cool thing about that is it keeps you open minded to new things because you don’t know whether or not they are better than where you are now until you’ve experienced them, which is kind of a cool thing. And it relates to your business because you’re not sure if maybe buying help or having someone to help you, an employee, is better or a new advertising source is better or a new product or you’re not sure what is going to be better until you try it.

So be risky and be experimental and take leaps in your business and it will pay off because you’ll find out things are better than where you’re at now. So Ezra here from, and I’ll catch with you soon.