Behind the Scenes

Smart Marketer Shopify eCommerce Bootcamp

by Ezra Firestone

Video Highlights
0:08 Behind The Scenes At The Smart Marketer eCommerce Bootcamp in Austin Texas
0:15 20 eCommerce Stores in 3 Days
0:45 The 3 Core Pillars of eCommerce (Amazon, Your Own Platform, Context & Sales Funnels)
1:40 A Smart Marketer Standard Operating Procedure
1:50 Once You Hit The $5k Mark, Start To Diversify
2:10 The Beauty Of Having Your Own Platform
2:20 Building Your House On Someone Else’s Land
2:30 You Don’t Have To Spend A Lot To Diversify
2:57 Ezra Delivers Fantastic Results
3:15 You Learn By Doing
3:45 Ezra Is A Little Intense
3:56 You Leave With A Site and Marketing / Automation Funnels

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