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Behind The Scenes At Amazing Selling Machine Live

Video Highlights
0:10 Ezra ran a mastermind about how to be the most relevant product on Amazon, how to sell on your own platform and how to sell through contextual traffic
0:35 The mastermind ended the day with a Ro Sham Bo contest!
0:50 Ezra will bring you behind the scenes at ASM Vegas
1:10 Ezra just came off stage and it was intense!
1:40 Using Ezra’s strategy allows you to build a community of people who are interested in your product!
2:10 Ezra takes you behind the scenes at the rest of the conference
2:30 ASM Vegas was one of the best conferences Ezra has ever been to!
3:00 Pick one thing, do that, then move on to the next thing
3:15 Take some time to experience the thing you think your business will provide you, have some fun!
3:35 ASM Vegas has really excited Ezra about his own SmartMarketer event in Austin, September 2014
4:00 Catch you next time on!

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Hey, Ezra here behind the scenes, in Vegas at the ASM mastermind. Actually I’m at the ASM conference and I’m running a mastermind. I did just finish a mastermind before the event.

So we started the day talking about how to excel on Amazon. How do you take your product on Amazon and make sure that Amazon considers you to be the number one, most relevant product in that category. And we do that through reviews and some other things. Then we moved on to how to sell on your own platform. Then we moved on to how to sell on contextual traffic – so, Facebook ads and Google Display Network. We had people come up, we broke down there businesses, gave them ideas, got feedback from the whole group and we ended the day with a Ro Sham Bo contest. A pretty intense game if you’ve never played it! It’s Rock, Paper, Scissors, its really fun. A guy called Chris wilson, who’s a brilliant Amazon business owner – does really, really well, he won. He took home the headphones.

So now, tomorrow is the ASM conference. I speak tomorrow morning. I lead it off. I’ll be talking about Facebook ads. And then there’s a whole bunch of really awesome speakers. So I’ll bring you behind the scenes at the ASM conference. I’ll show you what some of the other speakers are talking about. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Hey Ezra here, I just came off stage at ASM and man, it was intense! There was 2800 people here and I’ve never spoken in front of that many people. It was really fun! We had another Rock, Paper, Scissor contest. And a lady named Kelly won it and she was going crazy. What we talked about was using Facebook as a source of visibility for your physical products sales funnel. And specifically, how to use Facebook to drive traffic to a page where your collecting an email address and then giving someone a coupon to buy your Amazon product which allows you to build a community of people who are interested in your products, who you’re giving coupons to so you’re able to give them away in exchange for a review. So it was a Mississippi Muffin Top, it’s what we call it.

We also talked about a couple other campaigns, I’ll put little images of the campaigns under this post. We did, I think we did the Shmoggy Dog, and we did the Purple Pillager. The Purple Pillager is a campaign that’s geared towards getting reviews for your product by leveraging your community. And I’ll put that down below as well. So, it was really fun and I’m going to now take you behind the scenes at the rest of the conference and show you some of the other speakers and what they are talking about.

It’s the last day of the ASM conference here in Vegas. One of the best conferences I have ever been to! 3000 screaming people, everyone just feeling really positive and empowered, and successful. Many of the people in the room are having success and a bunch of folks are just getting started. And it’s just a really cool thing to see this many people supporting each other. We had Todd Herman and Ryan Moran and Peter Shallard. And all kinds of really great speakers sharing really awesome content that you could take and implement in your business.

One of the things – I got to get on stage at the end and say one thing and that is that there is a bunch of things that you could be doing and that’s all really good stuff. But pick one thing, do that, get that done, then move on to the next thing. Just do one thing at a time and that way you’ll feel like you’re making progress and you’ll feel good about it. Also, take some time, now, to enjoy yourself. Have some fun. Experience the thing that you’re thinking your business will give you – this freedom, or this time that you’d take to have a massage or have some level of fun experience now so that you’re feeling good and motivated while you build your business.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed hanging out at the ASM conference here in Vegas. I look forward to seeing you at SmartMarketer Live in September. It’s one of the things that about this event that has made me very excited about my event, which is happening in Austin, Texas. I’m going to be there showing you what we are doing in our businesses – How we are running Facebook ads, how we are building funnels, how we are selling physical products, how we are selling information products. We are going to be really just breaking down what we are doing online to be successful. I hope to see you there in Austin and if not I’ll catch you next time on Thanks for watching. See you soon.

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