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Blue Ribbon Mastermind Worm Eating Contest

Video Highlights
0:05 James and Ezra take a good look at the nasty worms they are about to eat
0:20 Down the hatch!
0:50 It was so horrible that Ezra is going to need a minute to re-group
1:35 James is no longer invited to Ezra’s mastermind calls, he’s banned!
2:10 When you bring in a new team member to your company it’s important to have precise SOP’s
2:58Ezra prefers to bring in people who are not skilled in the specific tasks that he wants done and train them himself
4:33 Ezra is getting Clay Collins to build a bunch of pre-sale pages into Lead Pages
6:25 Here’s an example of one of Ezra’s better converting pre-sale pages
7:20 Ezra hopes y’all enjoyed a little behind the scenes at Blue Ribbon Mastermind and look of that pre-sale page on Lead Pages in the next month or so!

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James: It’s part of the branding of this brand…

Ezra: Look this you guys, look like little maggots, that’s disgusting. So how do you do it? What do you do?

James: I don’t know, we’ve got to put it into a…

Ezra: You want to fish one out for me in this bowl?

James: Yeah

Ezra: Here, put it in this bowl. Oh, my God! That’s just…

James: There we go, so.

Ezra: All right.

James: Grab you one 

Ezra: All right.

James: Go ahead, you eat that one.

Ezra: I’ll get this one.

James: You ready?

Ezra: All right, hold on.

James: Okay, go.

Ezra: Ugh, oh that was like, oh that was disgusting. You actually ate it?

James: So who thought that was going to happen today?

Ezra: Oh my God.

James: I certainly didn’t.

Ezra: That was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted in my life. That was so bad. I need an almond, thank you. We have any water? Can you get me a water? That is disgusting. This is not what’s supposed to be happening on my Mastermind call, bro. Oh my God. That was horrifying. It was like this, what happened was I didn’t expect it to explode in my mouth. I bit into it and it was like worm guts. Oh my God that was horrible. I need a second guys, just give me one second. Why do you have that? Why do you even have that?

James: It comes with the bottle. It’s good luck to take it.

Ezra: Not good luck, it’s terrible. Oh my God, guys. That was horrible, don’t ever do that. That was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. It was so bad. Oh my God. All right. I’m not inviting you to my Mastermind calls anymore. You’re banned, bro. You’re banned from Blue Ribbon. This guy. Alright, so, what I was saying before James came over here with maggots and a bottle, was that, what was I saying? Oh, okay, I was talking about the employee thing. So, the point here is that what we’ve done, you know, I’m really good at recruitment and also, the thing about having a good team member, is training them to do exactly what it is you need them to do. So, not being sort of, spacey in what it is you are bringing them on to do, and this is actually something that Shram has helped me with over the past couple of years, which is that, standard operating procedures. Really having extremely detailed and precise standard operating procedures for the tasks that they’re going to be doing in your business and so, Charlie and I talked about it. He created one, I brought someone on for him.

We had a Skype call last night and they’re going to do the initial training session this morning. But if you’re looking to build a team, if you’re looking for someone to come on board your team, that’s going to be in the role of customer service, in some kind of a role that doesn’t require pre-skill, because my favorite thing to do is to bring people in who are not skilled in the area that I want them to become skilled in, and then I train them from the ground up. So, like the gal that Charlie’s going to be, working for Charlie, is not, has never done customer service in this capacity before, which is actually perfect because she’s a really good person, she has a good heart, she’s got enthusiasm, and she will learn the ropes the way that he wants her too.

So, if you guys are looking to build your team, if you want to bring employees on board, then let’s have a chat about it because I’ve got a really good network of people from past team members of mine, who are no longer, because we’ve switched a couple different business models over the past couple of years, so all of our CPA businesses are now no longer, we’re not running those types of business models anymore. So, I’ve got people from those days, I’ve just got a good community of people, so. One of the things that will add into the Ribbon is hiring. Like, if you need someone, before you go out and look for them, come talk to me first and let’s talk about what do you need them to do and why are you bringing them on board, and what specifically for and let’s get really clear on that, and then I can help you find that person.

That’s one thing. Another thing is that, a lot of you are looking for pre-sale pages, right? So, one of the things that we do that you guys will see here in a second, that you know about is run traffic from Facebook to a pre-sale page, for a physical product. And then from that pre-sale page we send them over to Amazon, or our own shopping cart, or whatever. Let me show you an example of the pre-sale page here. I just had a call with Clay Collins yesterday, and basically what he’s going to do is he’s going to build all of these pre-sale pages into lead pages. So he’s going to build them into lead pages for me, which is awesome because, I’m afraid of you, oh. This is much nicer, this is accurate, dude. This is what you should be bringing me, a nice soy milk latte, beautiful. Thank you so much, dude. Hmm, my God, that is much better tasting than a worm.

So, let’s see, video’s posted, and let’s just turn on the screen here. We want to go to Media Buying Webinar and we want to pull up the keynote presentation. But the cool thing is now, for pre- sale pages for physical products, instead of you guys having to wait on me to design and develop them for you, which is really the only way that, the only way I’ve been doing it so far with you guys, is just designing and developing them myself. Let’s see if we can find the right pre-sale page here. Here we go, there you go. So this would be an example of one of our better converting pre-sale pages. Where we’ve got the headline, sub- headline, video on the left, called action box on the right, and then text and image content that models the video up at the top that goes down the page with in-lay called actions.

Then our traditional footer with our ‘Why buy from us’ and our guarantee and our testimonials and stuff like that. So this layout of pre-sale page, will now be integrated into lead pages with a couple different templates from some products that I’m running right now that are working really well. So if you guys need pre-sale pages for your clients, or for your own sites, or even just you want to throw up a really quick, awesome, long forum sales page because this also works as a long forum video sales page, or a long forum sales letter page, for any type of product. That’ll now be in lead pages.

Hey, thanks so much for watching that. This is Ezra Firestone just saying I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed a little bit of behind the scenes of the Blue Ribbon Mastermind, and look forward to that landing page, that pre-sale template in lead pages, probably within the next month or so. So, thank you so much and I’ll catch up with you on the next episode on Smart

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