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How to Beef Up Your Google Ads: Why Google + YouTube Should Perform Just as Well as Facebook + Instagram

I have an equation for you, but don’t worry – you don’t have to be Will Hunting to solve this one:

If Google + YouTube doesn’t = what you’re doing on Facebook + Instagram, then you’re probably missing out!

Google is an overwhelming behemoth of a marketing platform, with 9 tools that make it strategic for running ads and spattering your brand across the Internet.

Just check out these stats:

  • Google Search holds 87% market share
  • Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world
  • Display covers 90% of the web
  • YouTube is the largest video sharing site on the planet (and the #2 search engine overall)

And those are only a few of the mind boggling stats that show you how effective Google is at reaching your audience.

To tell you more about the pros (and cons) of each of Google’s ad channels, we’re giving you a teaser from our brand new course, Smart Google Ads.

If you want to unlock the full power of the world’s largest traffic source, then you won’t find a more comprehensive training than what my team at OMG Commerce and I put together.

But first, sit back and relax as we explain what we love about Google ads and how to best use its many powerful channels to grow your business.

First up –

Google Search

With Google Search, you can take advantage of the highest level of intent that your customers can show.

They go on the web and tell you the problems they’re having or solutions they’re looking for, and you can be there to give those to them!

Plus, Search holds 87% market share.

So if you’re looking to take advantage of Search, here’s what the team at OMG suggests:

  • Pay attention to search results.
    Are there shopping carousels, business images, short or long-form text? You need to know how your ad will compare, look and standout given the searches you’re targeting.
  • Ask the right questions.
    How do I stand out?
    What’s the intent of this search (benefits, how to, buy product, etc.)?
    Where are people at in the buying journey?

Many businesses go straight to Google ads, type in a few keywords and cross their fingers. But when it comes to Search, you want to meet people where they are and appeal to who they are, not just HOPE it will convert.

So, curating your ad based off of positioning, purpose, and conversion will make your ad star studded rather than just another face cast into the sea of the Internet.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping offers the visual element that makes your ads pop.

With most selling giants now offering convenience over quality, Google Shopping positions itself uniquely. It offers a wide net of images, reviews and brands to compare/contrast the same item.

When buyers want to know where their products are coming from and verify their quality, that’s where Google Shopping comes into play.

Just remember that when posting your ad, you need to hone your craft toward imagery and copy that emphasizes the quality and the benefits of your product.

Performance Max

Google’s new AI-powered campaign type gives you more reach but less access to data to pinpoint performance.

Still, if you want to be cutting edge, this likely to be the future of Google ads.


  • Performance Max is by far the easiest way to be omni-channel present.
  • This campaign type is controlled by AI to make it more accessible to the general public.
  • It automates the marketing and remarketing process for you, so you can remain ‘hands off’.
  • It gives you full coverage on all channels through one powerful campaign type.

First and foremost, Performance Max makes it easier for the inexperienced user to get started with Google ads.

However, as with any AI tool, it is most effective when wielded by a knowledgeable human (and that’s where Smart Google Ads comes in).

For example, AI loves clicks, but just because people are clicking doesn’t mean the ad is converting. The human element is what guides the journey from click (intrigue) to close (sold).


We like to describe YouTube as the evolution of TV.

Except with YouTube you can actually see who is viewing your ads, and use those audiences to target other audiences.

The best part?

On YouTube, you only pay for a “true view” (click and engagement), which is why we see this channel as the TV of yore combined with the informed decisions of now!

YouTube offers more plot, bite-sized stories, and simple calls to action — that’s why it works.

Remember – Video. Is. Powerful.

YouTube also holds a sense of celebrity and trust unparalleled by other mediums. It’s why we turn books into movies, songs into music videos: there’s an additional layer to a story that is strictly visual, and if stories were fully told by written or spoken word, then the evolution of storytelling would’ve ended with radio and books.

So don’t underestimate the human, relational element offered by YouTube and Shorts. Because the simple fact is that these channels allow you to tell stories that make people act.

In Smart Google Ads, we do a full deep dive into the topic of how to make successful video content. But for now, let’s do a taste test with some surface-level highlights:

  • Hook them in the first 5 seconds, then take them for the next minute. You have less time to capture interest before they SKIP and becoming a master of ‘intrigue’ is vital.
  • Good creative isn’t just nice to have, it’s a must have. This isn’t a print ad. You have to get a prospect’s attention, but you also have to hold that attention through compelling creative.
  • YouTube Shorts thrive on influencer type content – whether they’re trying the product, reviewing, offering discounts, etc. This get’s people talking, and buzz is never a bad thing!

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows — here are some negatives about YouTube:

  • YouTube isn’t the best way to drive traffic to your website because the cost per click will be higher than other channels.
  • With Google Search, people come to you. With YouTube, you’re going to them. This means you must sell and if your video content isn’t convincing, it will struggle.

Google Display and Discovery

Why do we love Display and Discovery? Because they work!

Display gets you back in front of people who have engaged with your business and puts you in front of those searching for your product or service.

Look at it this way – instead of putting a sign by the road and hoping people see it, Google Display targets the right…

  • People
  • Demographics
  • And Interests

…and also gets them to drive by!

Think of a billboard on the Internet that is trained to be thrown in front of the right people at right time, not just whoever might be driving by. It’s modern, it’s new, it’s cutting edge and — for you — it’s hard to go wrong.

It’s also great for remarketing which is something most people struggle to conquer.

If your customer buys one product or service, Display says, ‘Hey, if you like x, you might also need y for maintenance, longevity, etc.’

It offers cross-selling opportunities that avoid transactional customers and instead generate brand devotees.

Now, if you’re thinking, ‘Yes, but that’s what email subscription and outreach are for’, then hey — you’re right!

That said, only 30-50% of people open your emails and 50% is on a GOOD day. Display allows you to have an even broader reach where they see it without the extra step of clicking ‘open’.

And the truth is, your business should be using both.

Whew! Now you can take a breather because we’ve come to an end of this course teaser.

But if you want to learn more about how we can help you grow your business with Google ads, then check out the official page for Smart Google Ads.

When it comes to Google, you’ll find that the possibilities are endless and there is an untapped market waiting to get to know your brand.

Learn more here:

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