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AI Won’t Put You Out Of A Job (But Humans Who Embrace AI Might) With Mike Rhodes

by Molly Pittman

Today Molly Pittman talks to one of her favorite humans in the world, who happens to be AI Enthusiast Mike Rhodes, Founder of WebSavvy.

He doesn’t claim to be an expert, but he does know more than most and provides some excellent background information, context, and perspective that will help you feel more able to dive into Chat GPT, Mid Journey, and whatever comes next!

Listen for an optimistic take on what AI means for us, plus an overview of what’s coming toward us (at Warp Speed). You’ll be encouraged to dive into this rapidly evolving, game-changing technology with reverence and responsibility.

You Will Learn:

  • What’s the best way to use Chat GPT in marketing (Spring 2023)
  • How and Why Humans + AI will always win over “the Machines” (AI alone).
  • In an AI-driven world, what will be our job as humans?

And More…



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Time Stamps:

00:00 “Your job is to think about how your business could use this for good. How can we use this to empower people and to make us more human? That’s the job right now”. Mike Rhodes.

03:18 Mike’s Quick AI History Lesson

08:07 Everything is different now, and we should be slightly scared.

15:15 The Number 1 Launch Of Anything, Ever

18:19 “It’s Not About The Perfect Prompt: It’s About Iteration and Playing with the Tool” Mike Rhodes

19:53 What Did Smart Marketer’s Split Test Show?

24:00 What’s the best way to use Chat GPT in marketing (Spring 2023)

28:13 “I’ll Have My AI Talk To Your AI.”

29;33 The Programming Language of the future is English

30:28 What Then Is Our Job As Humans?