Smart Marketer Podcast

A Cyber Monday Pep Talk For Marketers and Entrepreneurs

by Heather Farrat

This is a time of the year when anything can happen – performance can be more than expected or worse than expected, and there is so much riding on this moment in time. So Molly and John are on the show today to help you pace yourself and get through this final stretch of the season. The first takeaway is (spoiler alert): Don’t Panic! Molly and John encourage you to play it slow and steady as they drop nuggets of wisdom, encouragement, and ‘next steps’ gleaned from years of experience in the wild waters of Digital marketing, Info Businesses, and E-commerce. You’ll hear tips on what to do if things aren’t going so great, as well as how to adapt and prepare for the next phase of sales. Be sure to share this episode with anyone you think will benefit from their expertise.

You Will Learn:

  • The best thing to do if your sales are not going as expected
  • A Common Cyber Monday Sale Mistake that you can avoid
  • An easy way to improve every additional email or SMS message you sendli>


And More…




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Time Stamps:

01:21 Let’s Dive In

05:21 Strategies for a Struggling Sale

09:00 Don’t Overcomplicate It!

11:30 What Worked Best in the Last Phase of Sales? Build on that.

13:05 Is There An Easy Button For This Holiday Period?

14:30 In Summary