Smart Marketer Podcast

7 Tips to Break through a Work Slump

by Ezra Firestone

How do you get out of a work slump? Molly Pittman and John Grimshaw are joined by Ezra Firestone to discuss how they pull themselves out of creative slumps and regain their enthusiasm for work. Molly shares the 5 tips she uses to her own worklife, while John and Ezra each share what does the trick for them. If you could use a boost of inspiration today, then this is the episode for you.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why Ezra believes you should embrace the “slump cycle”
  • The importance of finding fulfillment outside of work
  • John’s method to break free from his work slump
  • How a change in your environment can help you refocus

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1:08 Embrace the Slump — How Ezra prioritizes tasks to focus on what’s important.

2:10 John’s a “data guy”, so it’s only natural he breaks out of his work slumps by…

5:03 Does Molly embrace the slump?

5:59 Having trouble focusing? Try this…

6:43 When emotional weight is holding us down, communication can help.

7:45 Does your career define who you are as a person?

9:23 Here’s why it’s important to find fulfillment outside of work…

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10:52 Thanks for listening!