Smart Marketer Podcast

5 Steps for Campaign Optimization in 2021

by Ezra Firestone

How can you improve your ad campaigns? Molly Pittman plays the role of detective in this #WeOutHere segment focused on campaign optimization. Molly believes optimization and scaling are both huge mental games, and in this episode she shares her 5-step process for uncovering the clues and cracking the case when it comes to improving any Facebook campaign. Put on your detective cap and get ready to investigate!

You’ll Learn:

  • Why you should base decisions on one success metric
  • Which is harder, fixing your destination page or fixing your ads
  • General benchmarks for opt-in pages
  • What vertical, horizontal, and exponential scaling is

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1:11 This is why you should focus on one success metric…

2:11 Rule #1— Don’t panic.

4:19 It’s time to throw on your detective hat and figure out where it all went wrong.

5:54 What’s the first thing you need to check? (Step 1)

7:04 Step 2 is basically moonwalking. Yeah, a troubleshooting moonwalk.

9:03 Here are a few general benchmarks for a successful opt-in page.

10:37 When reviewing your ads, the most important things to check are… (Step 3)

12:30 Google “Facebook Ad Relevance Diagnostic” and follow along.

14:15 Are the right people seeing your offer? In Step 4, Molly focuses on targeting.

17:15 How enticing is your offer? (Step 5)

18:00 Molly shares some scaling best practices and clarifies scaling misconceptions.

19:14 Create, create, create, create. Did we mention create?

21:32 Learn what vertical, horizontal, and exponential scaling is…

26:48 Thanks for listening!