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5 Lessons I Learned Since Moving Back Home

by Ezra Firestone

New environments offer us amazing opportunities to learn more about ourselves. Molly’s move back home to Kentucky has provided a wealth of experiences that have reinforced her beliefs and helped her grow. Continuing our conversation from Molly’s major life updates in episode 39, she shares the top 5 lessons she’s learned since moving back home and how these lessons help push her to lead a happy, well-balanced life.

You’ll Learn:

  • How Molly deals with managing her ego
  • How new places help cultivate new habits and routines
  • What Molly means by “flipping” her situation
  • How the pace or your city can impact your work-life balance

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0:00 To catch up on the big changes in Molly’s life talked about in this episode, go back and listen to Episode 39.

1:56 Lesson #1 — Judgement & Self-Judgement

3:44 If the situation isn’t serving you, flip it.

7:10 Lesson #2 — People Matter

9:48 Lesson #3 — Boundaries Matter

12:00 Lesson #4 — The Importance Of Balance

14:42 Lesson #5 — The Environmental Impact

16:33 To share your feedback or get a question answered on the podcast, follow and message Molly on Instagram at @mollypittmandigital.

17:26 Thanks for listening!

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