Content Marketing

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Product to Sell

by Ezra Firestone

“How do you identify and determine an opportunity so you can build a brand?”

Solve a Problem

The first thing you should look for is a product that is high quality and solves a problem.

For example, “taboo” products are very popular right now. These are products that not only solve a problem, they solve a problem that consumers don’t want other people to know they have (at least, not the person working the register at CVS), making them great options for digital brands that can offer privacy.

Tell a Story

Next, you should ask yourself, “Can I tell a good story about this product?”

Products don’t win in a market place; promises win. The best promise sells the most products, so you have to tell a compelling story that includes an attractive promise. That is ultimately what’s going to sell.

Deliver on Your Promise

Then your product has to live up to that promise.

To do that, it doesn’t need to be the best product on the market, necessarily, but it has to be good enough to serve its function and deliver on your claims.

Personally, I always try to create the best product, but sometimes people make a better product than you. It’s unavoidable. You can iterate, but even with the best intentions, the mindset that “I will win because I have the best product” is misguided.

Yes, you should still look for the opportunity to make a better product than anyone else. But it’s just as important that you look for the opportunity to make a better promise and tell a better story than others in the market place.

How do you tell stories and make promises that build your brand?

You do it through content.

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