Smart Marketer Podcast

2021 Predictions for Marketers & Digital Brands (Part 1)

by Ezra Firestone

What will the global economy look like in 2021? In part 1 of this 3-part segment of #WeOutHere, our hosts Molly Pittman and John Grimshaw offer 8 predictions on what’s coming next year and how you can steer your business toward a successful 2021. John shares data to help you make informed decisions about the actions you need to take, as well as which markets you should avoid and which ones you should invest in.

You Will Learn:

    • What to remember in your “message” to customers
    • Why you should be investing in content and ads
    • Which platforms could give you a competitive advantage
    • The markets that are expected to grow slower / faster than usual in 2021

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1:14 In part 1 of this #WeOutHere segment, we start by discussing the global economy; find out what we’ll discuss in parts 2 & 3.

3:48 Many D2C businesses saw their best year in 2020, others didn’t; learn how far the global GDP dropped this year and why.

5:24 Messaging Matters – Why you could be rubbing your customers the wrong way.

5:48 Here are a few things you’ll want to AVOID in 2021.

6:18 Predictions for a 9-figure business’ market spend! Plus, how a change in big corporations could affect everyone’s budgets.

8:14 Consistency Is Key – John shares 3 things you should do to gain a competitive advantage.

9:05 Find out which platform is directly challenging Shopify, and how this platform could be an ally in the future (whether you use them or not).

11:25 Amazon Is King – Find out which company is coming for the throne.

12:55 Early Bird Gets The Worm – If you sign up to be the first seller with a competitive price on this platform, you’ll become the default vendor for all searches. (Monopoly, anyone?)

15:28 Studies show this element of marketing greatly influences Gen Z to become loyal customers.

17:59 Here’s why you should be allocating +5% of your overall budget to content for both cold and warm audiences.

19:33 Take A Stance – If your customers support your position, they’ll stand with you and give you their business. Find out why this is important.

24:12 2020 has shown us that brand loyalty is not what it used to be. See what we now consider the most influential factor when it comes to repeat business.

27:20 What Niche Should You Enter? John explains which markets you should avoid and which ones you should invest in.