2-Minute Crash Course on YouTube & TrueView Ads, with Brett Curry


Brett Curry is the Founder of OMG Commerce, a Google Shopping agency that specializes in Google and YouTube advertising for ecommerce brands.

He’s also the guy who, this year, helped me crack YouTube advertising for my $20 million+ cosmetics brand.

Before Brett, most of our budget went to Facebook. The only problem with that is after four years of advertising at scale, every woman over the age of forty on Facebook has seen my ads (like, 10 times).

YouTube was our answer for how to add a second profitable stream of ad revenue and a channel with hundreds of millions of potential new customers.

But I struggled for months to discover a YouTube strategy that would work for physical products.

Why is it so difficult for ecommerce brands to make YouTube ads profitable? What’s the right strategy? What’s the secret sauce?

Brett Curry seems to know — he’s done it for a bunch of the ecommerce brands in my Blue Ribbon Mastermind.

That’s why I asked him to give us a 2-minute crash course on how ecommerce brands can utilize YouTube ads to increase sales. Enjoy!

How YouTube Fits into Your Ads Strategy

Unlike Facebook (which can be effective at any stage of the buying cycle), Brett found that YouTube is really the best at two stages:

  1. Top-of-funnel awareness ads
  2. And bottom-of-funnel remarketing

In his experience, YouTube is NOT a channel that’s going to catch people who are ready to buy right now. Google Product Listing ads are better for that.

But YouTube can connect you to people who are just beginning their search, OR who have already visited your website but didn’t buy.

That means if you’re selling running shoes, your YouTube budget is better spent on folks who are searching for product reviews, demos, or search queries like “What are the best running shoes?”…

And not by trying to reach more product-educated audiences searching for price comparisons.

TrueView Ads: A Cheaper Way to Build Audiences

What Brett’s agency is doing a lot right now is helping ecommerce companies figure out who they should be targeting, specifically at top of funnel.

How do you find the people who are just starting to look at customer reviews and product demos, so you can put your product in front of them and push them to your site?

One of the best tools he uses for this is YouTube TrueView ads.

What makes TrueView ads unique from other YouTube ads — or any Facebook ad for that matter — is that you only pay for the impression IF the viewer watches 30 seconds or more.

TrueView ads are the ads you see at the beginning of a video that users can skip after 5 seconds. And if they do skip your ad, YouTube won’t charge you for that impression.

In other words, that groovy TrueView ad that plays before the user watches a funny cat video is FREE unless they click to your site or watch 30 seconds of your content.

This ensures that you’re only spending money on people who are interested in your brand or product.

Then, once they’re on your site, you have the chance to get them to join your list or enter your sales funnel from there.

And so far Brett has seen tremendous success using this strategy with ecommerce brands.

And for do-it-yourself advertisers like us, TrueView ads have been the cheapest way to experiment with YouTube as a second advertising channel and build profitable audiences to help us scale.

If you want to see more of Brett’s YouTube strategy and learn how to copy it for your store, watch this YouTube training we did together.

Or, if you a want step-by-step, in-depth course with Brett on how to increase sales using YouTube & Google advertising, check out Smart Marketer’s new premium training, Smart Google Traffic.

Thanks for reading!

0:25 YouTube is a great way to find someone who is just beginning their search
0:49 YouTube is a great place to remarket to people
1:34 If a user skips a TrueView ad, you as an advertiser don’t pay
1:59 TrueView ads are a great way to introduce someone to your product and brand

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