Smart Marketer Podcast

What Every Marketer Needs To Understand To Get The Most Out Of Email Marketing

by John Grimshaw

It’s a crazy time for marketers here in Q4, so what better time to drop an episode about the money-making channel, Email? Whether you’re new to email marketing or a seasoned entrepreneur, listen to this quick episode with our guru John Grimshaw to ensure you have this powerful channel covered like a pro (and get the most out of your hard-earned list). Listen for the Who, the Why (and the When, and you’ll also hear John’s iOS 15 Workarounds).

You Will Learn:

  • One of the best ways to level up your Email Marketing.
  • Who should you include on your ‘Engaged List’.
  • The best time to send out your emails.
  • John’s worst ever launch.

And More…



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Time Stamps:

00:00 “We spent $25,000 trying to drive interest and attention to this, and we made $21,000. This promotion had an ROI of negative 14%, and to put that in perspective, our average promotional ROI is around 320%. This is the first time I had an infinitely bad promotion that was actually negative on its ROI. And it didn’t feel that good. So I spent a ton of time afterward trying to dig in and figure out what didn’t work about this”. John Grimshaw

01:13 Let’s Dive In

02:00 One of the best ways to level up your Email Marketing

02.41 The most common segments you need to speak to

05:00 The Shift in iOS 15

06:14 Who should you include in your ‘Engaged’ list?

08:53 The most straightforward way to think about segmentation

10:35 Best Practices

11:46 The “Where” Of Email Marketing

12:43 The Worst Launch John Ever Did

14:27 The Essential Offer Formula

15:13 “People need to be jolted out of their indifference as Ogilvy said. So we need a reason for people to take action. Whether it’s a discount code, an offer that expires, or maybe a limited-time offer where you can’t join it once it’s full.”.John Grimshaw

18:00 The best time to send out your emails.