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Vacation Like Your Life Depends On It

Does the thought of taking time off make you feel anxious? Resentful? Even Guilty? We have an important episode for you today, as John and Molly team up to discuss another #NotBusiness theme that will reframe your mindset and set you up for (sustainable) success.

If you want to feel less stressed and less reactionary, this episode will help! Listen for how Intentional time off will help you feel sharper, more creative, and more fulfilled.
John shares how to do that best, avoiding the pitfalls of Laptop work/life culture, and Molly shares how her approach to taking PTO has evolved over her career (and the surprising result). Let’s go!

“It’s not just about taking the time off. It’s also being intentional about what you are going to do with that time so that it best serves what you need in that moment.” Molly Pittman.

You’ll Learn:

  • How taking time off helps you get in touch with who you are, and your sense of purpose.
  • Why Mixing business and pleasure is a losing strategy.
  • How to vacation and NOT come back exhausted.
  • Strategies that will help you disconnect and re-charge.
  • Ways that Employers can help.


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0:00 “Time away from your work helps you get back into touch with who you are, your purpose. It’s a great restart. I always just come back feeling sharper with better ideas, feeling way less stressed, way less reactionary.” Molly Pittman.

1:30 This topic is fresh in Molly’s mind (because she’s returned from some time away) and she is PUMPED UP!

2:36 John shares the trap so many people fall into with Vacations.

4.54 The short-sighted (and toxic) mindset that some Employers perpetuate.

5:58 Molly recalls how she viewed her time and work when she was starting out in her career.

6.31 “And so then I got a bit more comfortable. I realized that I was bringing value. I was maturing. I was seeing other people that I was working with go and take vacations and come back refreshed. And so the next stage for me was. Okay, I’m going to travel.” Molly Pittman.

7.57 Molly talks about the third iteration of her relationship with “time off”.

10.02 John shares how they approach work and rest in cycles.

11:08 Molly describes what led to her feeling the best she ever has at work.

13:11 “I feel like those weeks of the year, I get to remember who I am as a human outside of all of this crazy cool stuff we do.” Molly Pittman.

13:46 John discusses the particular challenge for digital marketers and those working in the online space (and a great hack he recommends to help you disconnect when you want to).

15:01 Why it’s not just about taking time off…

16:52 How Employers can help.

20:10 John’s Four ‘vacation types’.

21.31 “I think a lot of this is again being intentional about the trip and mostly who you are going with and how you are communicating your boundaries to those people”. Molly Pittman.

23.56 Why travel is particularly important for Marketers.

26.10 Accrued Vacation v. Unlimited PTO.

27.23 Half Day Fridays and Four day weeks?

29:17 In Summary

30:33 If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to hit “subscribe” and “Follow”, and please leave us an honest review on whichever platform you are listening. We appreciate you!

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