Smart Marketer Podcast

Top 10 Questions from Ezra’s Clubhouse Chat

by Ezra Firestone

What did you miss in Ezra’s private Q&A hosted by Shopify? Clubhouse is an exclusive new social channel where you can listen in on live conversations between entertainers, educators and influencers (among others). In this episode, we share the 10 most interesting questions from Ezra’s Clubhouse Q&A hosted by Shopify — including ecomm questions like how Ezra knew his business was headed in the right direction and how he plans to manage customer acquisition post-iOS 14, plus more personal questions like what kind of impact Ezra wants to have as he continues to grow his brands.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to PIVOT when your business isn’t doing well
  • Exit Events: How to plan for your future
  • What Ezra thinks he’ll be doing 30 years from now
  • What can HURT your business the most

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01:04 Is your business headed in the right direction?

03:07 3 platforms for cheaper customer acquisition.

08:37 Ezra’s life before BOOM!.

11:58 Goals & Budgets

14:35 Plan your exit event and work backward. Here’s why…

20:39 What would you do with $100 million?

21:49 Make a positive impact both inside and outside of your career.

23:12 “In 30 years, I think I’ll be doing THIS…”

25:47 How does a Founder/CEO plan for the future?

29:09 Thanks for listening!