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More Fun
I have a challenge for you.

What do you think — are you up to the task?

Here it is: I challenge you to have more fun.

I know… Maybe you were expecting a challenge you’d have to suffer through; something to prove your grit, your gumption, your fortitude…

And if so, I don’t blame you. This is the default mindset in entrepreneur culture right now. But while it’s valuable to test yourself and strengthen your willpower, it’s not the only path to improvement.

There’s another route that’s not as popular but I think ultimately more rewarding…

And that’s deliberately creating a life you enjoy.

So for the next 30 days, I challenge you to incorporate a pleasurable cycle into your routine.

It can be anything: Take a bath, find a hobby, go for a bike ride… Just have a good time!

But trust me — adding more fun to your life isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Most people I meet in this industry are some level of unhappy with their lives: They’re unhappy with their job, their relationship, their emotions, their diet, etc.

Well in my opinion, grinding out another 60-hour work week will not solve these problems. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s the choices we make every day.

So, the most common resistance I get is this: “Ez, you don’t understand. You have time, energy, money… I’m bogged down with a job, kids, responsibilities. I don’t have the time!”

Some people definitely have fewer options than others…

But I am confident that if you are a part of the entrepreneur / small-business community (as most people are who read my content), then you do have the option to have a little more fun if you choose to.

And when you do start having more fun, I think you’ll be surprised that the rest of your life gets better:

Good will starts to gravitate toward you; people want to be around you because you’re having more fun.

So what do you think — are in for The “More Fun” Challenge? What’s going to be your pleasurable cycle for the next 30 days?

Or do you think I’m completely full of it? Let me know!

P.S. I’ve gotten REALLY into chopping wood lately… and I highly recommend it as a pleasure cycle for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors! Pic above = post wood chopping (wearing my jiu jitsu spats, which double as amazing tick repellers)!!

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