The Cross-Sell is Queen

by Ezra Firestone

Video Highlights:
0:14 What is cross-selling?
0:27 The key is to re-engage previous customers through content
0:38 One of our favorite ways to cross-sell is to drive traffic to a pre-sell engagement page
0:52 The name of the game in eCommerce is multiple products
1:25 You can go through the trainings on this blog to learn how to cross-sell
1:30 The best way to cross-sell is through a post-purchase engagement sequence
1:40 Asking people to take selfies is a beautiful way to increase conversion on your landing pages
1:53 She who makes the most offers, will make the most sales

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Cross-selling is queen, and king for that matter. I’m out to remove some of the inherent chauvinism in our language. So around here, we don’t man up, we person up. Ezra here from talking to you about how cross-selling is queen.

What is cross-selling? Well, it’s once you’ve engaged someone. You’ve engaged them in a conversation. You’ve driven traffic to a sales pages, you’ve gotten them on Amazon, however you’ve done it. You’ve generated a sale, you’ve created a customer.

key is to re-engage that customer through content, and cross-sell them on another product. And you can do that through the same way you got them in the first place. One of our favorite ways to do it is to drive traffic to what’s called a pre-sell engagement page that engages someone in a conversation about a problem that they’re having, that alludes to a solution which is our product.

The reason why I’m telling you about this is because half of the business owners that I talk to are one product wonders. The name of the game in eCommerce is multiple products. 20 at least. I have 10 products right now on my Boom line, and a couple that we’re just releasing now. My goal by the end of 2016 is to have 20 products, because we’re building a brand and a community around a conversation. We will make offers that are relevant to our subscribers and we’ll be able to grow because they want to buy more things from us, because we have more things that they will like. They like our brand, and people ask us for face cleansers, they ask us for all kinds of stuff we don’t have because they love our brand.

So you must, you absolutely must, have more than one product. And then you can go through the trainings on this blog that teach you how to actually engage someone in a cross-sell. But the best way to do it is through a post-purchase engagement sequence. So, you know, of course you send emails to people after they buy requesting reviews, requesting video reviews, selfies—asking people to take selfies with your product—it’s a beautiful way to increase conversion rate on your landing page if you have happy customers using the product. And then say, sending a piece of content that pre-sells another product in your line.

She who makes the most offers will make the most sales. Cross-sells are queen. You’ve got to have addition products in your line. It will serve you in your business. Hope this video helped. Talk to you soon.

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