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Let Me Make You A Latte


I want to make you a cup of coffee, and in doing so…

I’ll give you some insight into your customers, and explain how to model your business around your best buyers.

I only discovered coffee recently, about a year and a half ago (a little late, I know). And as I became interested in coffee…

I started buying a lot of coffee products: An espresso machine, coffee grinder, brushes, cups, coffee jars—it goes on. But I didn’t buy all this right away.

It was a process: The place I bought all my products from educated me about coffee using engaging content—I would watch their coffee videos, then I would buy. And buy. And buy.

I became what’s called a hyper-consumer. And these are the people who drive your business.

In my business, about 15% of our customers are responsible for over 50% of our revenue.

Which is why it’s so important to have multiple products. So that people who buy from you—and are pleased with their purchase and interested in your brand—can buy again. Because they will!

So it is your responsibility to build your business around your hyper-consumers. And the best way to get insight on these buyers is to survey them.

We send out a post-purchase survey to all our buyers, but we send out another survey specifically to people who buy more than once.

We ask them what new products they would like to see, how we can improve their experience, etc. And we listen to what they say very closely, because they’re the backbone of our business.

For you coffee lovers out there: Is my coffee setup missing something? Is there a product that would make my coffee consuming experience even better?

Let me know in the comments! And I want to see your coffee setup, so post a picture!

Video Highlights:
0:15 10% of customers are Super Consumers
1:01 Expand your product line
2:38 What cup to use
3:23 I’ve bought a lot of things in relation to my coffee habit
3:40 Let me show you how I make my coffee
6:43 Build your business around hyper consumers
6:58 15% of our customers are responsible for 50% of our revenue
7:20 Survey your customers
7:48 If you love coffee, let me know

Click Here For Video Transcript

Hey, Ezra here. Welcome to my kitchen. I want to show you a little bit about my morning routine and also give you the insight about some of your customers. Because some of your customers have lost their mind to the degree that I’ve lost my mind in relationship to coffee. They’re super consumers. About 10% of your customers are super consumers.

Now, I discovered coffee about a year and a half ago. I don’t know where I was for the first 28 years of my life, but I really got into it. I like it. It’s delicious. And when I get into something, I tend to really get into it. I put a lot of attention on it. I even have my own coffee brand now, single origin, organic, Kosher, non-GMO, the whole nine.

However, my point here is that as I got into this world of coffee, I began consuming. I began purchasing things to make my experience of coffee even better. And I’m going to show you where I’ve gone with it, so you could see all the different ways that you can cross sell a hyper buyer, an enthusiast, because 10% of your customers are enthusiasts. So if you expand your product line, and you have more things to offer them that are relevant, then you can grow your business. And I want to show you what I’ve done.

So just to show you, I’ve purchased this coffee machine. Now, this is a prosumer model here. It’s a Breville Dual Boiler, so that you can pull a shot and steam milk at the same time, or make pour over. I’ve got a Baratza Vario burr grinder here. And I bought this little brush here, so I can, Carrie doesn’t like it when I make a mess in the kitchen, so I can easily clean up.

I’ve got this little wooden bowl that I can pull the stuff into. I bought this knock box, which makes my experience of cleaning my portafilter, I’m actually going to make you a cup of coffee in a moment, the experience of cleaning my portafilter a lot easier. I just bang it in into this knock box.

Now you might be thinking that that’s all you could do with coffee. Right, you get your grinder. You get your espresso machine. You get your little brush. You get your portafilter. Well, no, because I have all this coffee here.

Right, I’ve got Sumatra, holler at Ella’s Bellas in Beacon. I love this Sumatra cup. I’ve got my decaf. I’ve got my blend. I have my own brand of coffee, which you’ll be hearing about later, here.

And see I’m keeping them in these little things here that hold out the light. If you open one of these things up, you’ll notice that, wow that is really, really tight on there, it’s got these little plugs that get rid of all the air, so that your coffee stays fresh. And who knows if light actually degrades your coffee, but they have sold me that my coffee will be better if I have them in these little boxes here. So I went ahead and purchased those.

Now, what cup to use? That’s the age old question. What cup do we use when drinking our coffee? Well, Carrie thinks I’m a little wasteful, because sometimes I enjoy drinking out of paper cups. So I have some paper cups that I bought. And that just brings me back to when I first discovered coffee in Brooklyn at a coffee shop. I’d always get it in a paper cup.

But maybe, actually, you want to go with a nice glass cup, seven and a half ounces, so I’ve got those. Or maybe you’re just having a single shot, and you need just a little guy, a couple of little guys. Or maybe it’s more like you want a little Moroccan cup. Or, hey, maybe you went to Facebook and they gave you one of their cups. Shout out to Facebook here. Shout out to the El Rey Inn.

So you see, I’ve bought a lot of things in relationship to my coffee habit. I’ve consumed a lot in this area. And a lot of this stuff has come from the same company. I found one coffee website I liked, and they had good customer service. And they educated me about coffee with content and built the relationship. So I purchased a lot from them.

Now let me show you how I make my coffee. So I just turn my little grinder on here. Put my portafilter in there. I’ve got it set to a 2 K, sort of the grind size for this particular bean, 12 and a half seconds. Here we go. We’re going to start it. I like to knock it a little bit to make sure it all just tamps down, doesn’t overflow.

All right. I’ve got my beans ground in my portafilter. I pop off my little tamper here, which sits right inside my machine. Tamp that down with just a little bit of pressure, okay? And this is where my brush comes in. Right, I just brush off the excess, pop it into my machine here. Now my machine is set to turn on every morning at 9:30, actually it turns on at 8:00, but sometimes I don’t get to it until around 9:00, because I do my little movement routine and stuff beforehand.

Now, I put my little cup under there. This is a nice little cup, because actually what this cup does, is it gives you a good visual while your shot is pulling. So I press my double shot here. And around five seconds is when I want it to start. Now here we go, five seconds, six. There you go. It’s kind of perfect, six, seven, and now we can see it’s starting to pull the shot.

And what you want to pay attention to is actually the color of the espresso as it comes out. So when it starts to, you can see it’s nice. There’s nice cream on it. As it starts to get lighter and lighter, you know that, it’s sort of, like right there, it’s a little loose, so I’m going to stop it before it’s over. I’ve got my nice espresso here.

Now I’ve got my little milk steaming jar. Now I have homemade almond milk. I did squeeze the almonds myself, if you were wondering, to get the milk out of them. Put a little bit of homemade almond milk in the bottom here. And then, I like half and half. I like good rich local fat to make me feel good, give my brain a boost. So I get a little half and half, I like to mix the two.

I put my half and half in my steamer here. And then I’ve got my steam going. And I’m just going to have just the tip of this thing to get the bubbles that you get. The foam is a very important part of doing a latte. I turn my steamer on. You want a nice clockwise circular motion for the foam. And you don’t want the steam to be too hot, otherwise it scalds the milk, so that’s why I’m letting it go.

All right, turn that down. Tamp it a just little bit here. And now we’re going to give that pour right there. And we’re filling up our shot. And I like to do a little design of a “C” for my wife Carrie.

So you can see I put a C on there, so that I can see her name, the first letter of her name. And I have a nice espresso shot, double espresso with a little bit of almond milk, little bit of half and half, steamed milk latte, seven and a half ounces. And, wow, that is delicious, so good.

So my point here is that as a business owner, it is your responsibility to engage and build your business around these hyper consumers, these hyper buyers, these enthusiasts. These are the people who will drive your business. If you look at my business,, about 15% of our customers are responsible for half of our revenue, because they keep coming back. They buy all the products in our product line, bee-friendly skincare, the same thing, my coffee brand, which you haven’t heard about yet, but you will at some point. We’re experiencing the same thing.

So you want to build your business around these enthusiast customers. And the best way to do that is to survey them. So what we do is we have a survey that goes out to anyone who buys once. But if you buy more than once, because we have obviously have good follow up marketing, and content engagement to build the relationship with you and educate you about our product line, and make you additional offers, if you buy more than once, we send a second survey out that only goes out to the people who buy twice. And we ask them what other products they want to see, how we can improve. And we build our business around those enthusiasts.

So thank you for joining me in my kitchen. If you are into coffee, if you love coffee, if you’ve got a setup, maybe you’ve got a grinder, maybe you’ve got a coffee machine. Maybe I’m missing something here, I want to know. Believe me, if there’s something I need to make my coffee experience even better that you know about, post it in the comments below this video. Take a picture of your coffee machine in your kitchen, if you have one, or where you make your coffee, if you’re a coffee person. About 80% of you, the statistics say, are coffee people. So I would love to hear about it.

Ezra here from, thanks for joining me, I’ll see you in the next one.

So good, it’s just so good.

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