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Shopify Masters Podcast: “The Power of Content: How 1 Article Generated $22 Million in Sales”

by Ezra Firestone

Wow! My ecommerce brand, BOOM! By Cindy Joseph, was just featured on the Shopify Masters podcast.

The episode is called “The Power of Content: How 1 Article Generated $22 Million in Sales”…

And you can listen to it right here:

In this episode of the Shopify Masters podcast, I share the powerful content marketing strategy that any seller can use to turn a faceless product into a story-driven brand…

All for $10 a day.

Plus more valuable business insights, like:

    Owning your brand is important. I stress the importance of moving away from dropshipping and white labeling so you can own your brand identity. Find a purpose to associate with the business that you’re trying to build.
    Test content and reinvest in your business. Produce content and test which pieces convert the best, then use the revenue generated to put more ad dollars behind that content.
    Profitability isn’t everything. What’s most important is having fun and enjoying my day to day while creating a product that’s of value to my customers. Then I think about profitability.

It was such an honor to be a guest on the show!

Listen to the podcast above, or go here to check out the full post on the Shopify blog.

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