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Organic Customer Acquisition Is Still Possible (Here’s How), With Special Guest Alejandra Hurtado

If you’ve given up hope in the power of organic Social Media, you need to 1) listen to this episode and 2) give TikTok a second thought. Today Molly Pittman talks with Alejandra Hurtado about how she built her platform to 24,000 followers in just three months and how it’s feeding into her agency and her academy (in a powerful way). Molly and Ale also discuss being a woman in the digital marketing space, how diversity (on your team) will make you a more effective marketer, and more.

You Will Learn:

  • Why you need to incorporate TikTok into your Customer Acquisition plan.
  • What to do in the first few months to ensure a successful launch .
  • How TikTok is shifting (and how to use that in your favor).

And More…



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00:00 “Utilizing the platform (TikTok) the way that the platform wants to be utilized has been really a game changer for me. And it’s opened so many doors”. Alejandra

02:26 Alejandra Introduces Herself

06:56 “Everybody should do a little bit of gorilla or field marketing in their time, but do you know why? Because when you boil all of this down, whether digital or in-person marketing, it is about communication with other humans”. Molly Pittman

07:54 Reasons To Love Being A Marketer

09:24 The Perks of Teaching

12:30 Embrace The Trial And Error

13:54 What Will Build Your TikTok Community?

15:29 A Shift In TikTok

16:10 Is TikTok A Good (Organic) Customer Acquisition Tool?

16:53 That Digital Marketer Life

19:23 Where TikTok gets tricky.

21:40 A Woman In Marketing

24:34 “The strongest skill set I think we have (as women) is our intuition and empathy, and the biggest struggle I’ve found is fitting that into the business world.” Molly Pittman

25:21 Why Diversity (On Your Team) Is So Valuable

29:13 Tips For Launch

30:02 Define Your Purpose and Niche Down

30:49 Get Your Content Rolling

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