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Welcome Molly Pittman, Smart Marketer’s New CEO!

I just made my biggest investment ever in the future of this company.

This week I officially hired Molly Pittman as the new CEO of Smart Marketer. If you’re a fan of mine, or if you’ve ever benefited from the content we create here, then this is fantastic news for you.

Molly is one of the best educators in digital marketing. With her in charge of the day-to-day operations and me focused solely on strategy, we’re going to bring you more of everything you love: more blog posts, more free trainings, more in-depth courses — all the resources you need to grow your business in a pleasurable and profitable way.

Just look at what Molly’s done for Smart Marketer so far:

For the last two years I’ve wanted to produce a new course on Facebook advertising, but as CEO of three different brands, I just didn’t have the creative capacity to do it.

After a year of missed deadlines, I finally reached out to Molly to see if she wanted to produce this training together. A few months later, Smart Marketer launched Train My Traffic Person — literally our best Facebook ads course ever.

At the same time she also created Team Traffic, a new membership to unite and support professional media buyers. In less than six months we created two programs desperately needed in our community, and I never could have done it without her.

This is just the beginning. I have big plans for Smart Marketer’s future, and I’m so grateful to have Molly’s help to make those plans a reality.

And to support us in our growth, I also hired another familiar face, John Grimshaw, as our new Chief Marketing Officer.

John is one of the leading data analysts in the industry, and while Molly and I will be the creative forces behind Smart Marketer, John will be the logistics man.

He’s going to make sure we focus on the projects that matter most to you and deliver on all our promises.

Here he is speaking at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019:

John’s work behind the scenes of TMTP and Team Traffic has been instrumental to the success of our members. Now, I’ve asked John to share his passion for innovation and attention to detail with the entire Smart Marketer community.

And to help your business profit from John’s expertise as much as mine has, you can look forward to new trainings on data and analytics, coming soon.

    • New content from starting this month.
    • More how-to videos, more live Q&As, and more free trainings.
    • An expanded course catalog to support entrepreneurs of all experience levels.
    • Business as usual. I’m still here — I just got some help!

Lastly, I want to give a big shout out to my amazing team! Without them I never could have recruited people of Molly’s and John’s calibre.

This is a testament to a company culture that prioritizes people over profit and truly loves the community we serve: eventually word gets out, and other amazing people want to join the party.

Welcome Molly Pittman, I’m so proud Smart Marketer now has a #FemaleCEO!

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