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Is It The Market Or Is It Your Marketing? With Kurt Elster and Molly Pittman

What’s the Common Thread Among Successful Brands In 2023? You’ll find out in this episode with the Entrepreneur behind The Unofficial Shopify Podcast. Kurt Elster talks with Molly Pittman about the unorthodox marketing strategies that set winners apart from the rest. You’ll hear his thoughts on the industry, the most critical skills (and practices) for successful marketers today, some keys to storytelling, and more.

“If everybody could do storytelling easily, then anyone could write a script for a TV show, movie, book, whatever. It’s tough, and it gets tougher when it’s not fiction”. Kurt Elster

You Will Learn:

  • How to set expectations for 2023
  • How to know if you have not nailed the basics yet?
  • 5 Revealing Questions You Need To Ask Your Customers

And More…



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Time Stamps:

02:11 If you don’t know Kurt Elster already

03:17 What’s Happening In The E-Commerce and Marketing Industry?

05:21 How to achieve a more “Sane” picture of how your business is doing

06:36 Is It The Market Or Is It Your Marketing?

08:27 “Know what you’re consuming. Are you consuming other people’s fears, or are you actually creating your own assessment of what’s going on”? Molly Pittman

09:31 “What worked two years ago won’t work now, and that has nothing to do with anything – that’s just the reality of marketing, and maybe it’s time to revisit your analytics.” Kurt Elster.

12:51 The Common Thread Amongst Successful Brands

14:00 Have You Nailed The Basics Yet?

15:18 Your Story Has To Have Depth

17:01 The Pen Demo (Molly and Kurt Riff on a Winning Pen Campaign)

19:39 Talk To Your Customers

20:15 Kurts Favorite Leading Questions

24:15 When To Agitate The Pain

25:10 “We are on social media to read stories about other people, to validate or invalidate our lives. That is why people are using the platform (and to waste time), so your ads should meet them there.” Molly Pittman

26:53 How To Incentivize Customers To Do Your Surveys

31:00 How to connect with Kurt Elster (And why his LinkedIn Summary Rocks)

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