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    Think Act Get

    What you Think determines how you Act which results in what you Get. Listen as Ezra and SuperFastBusiness Founder James Schramko discuss how you can think differently, act faster and get high performance results in your business.


    74 – The End - Think Act Get with James Schramko & Ezra Firestone

    Even good things can’t go on forever. As great as ThinkActGet has been, it’s time for James and Ezra to shift their energies to other pursuits. Check out their farewell show and reminisce with them on lessons and laughter shared over 70+ episodes. Learn too what’s in store for our hosts and where we can... 

    73 – Simplify - Think Act Get with James Schramko & Ezra Firestone

    Do you have more on your plate than you can handle? Do you have something pulling your attention every which way? It could be time to simplify. James and Ezra look at the benefits and how tos of simplifying your business and your life in this episode of ThinkActGet.   In the podcast: 04:12 –... 

    72 – Improvisation - Think Act Get with James Schramko & Ezra Firestone

    Improvisation adds immediacy and spontaneity to a performance or talk. What does it involve and how can it be acquired as a skill? James and Ezra explore the topic in an entirely improvised episode of ThinkActGet.   Episode highlights: 00:57 – Stages and stresses of holding an event 04:23 – The power of podcasting 06:45... 

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