In a Work Slump? Here Are 2 Steps to Get Inspired.

by Ezra Firestone

“If you’re feeling a bit of a slump or a loss of passion in your business, how do you pick yourself back up again?”

Someone sent me this question recently…

And the first thing I want to say is that everybody goes through this at some point.

You will experience the cycle of feeling inspired and then feeling overwhelmed. It’s just part of being an entrepreneur…

And I think it helps to embrace that cycle.

Take a look at why you’re feeling unmotivated. What is it in your work that you don’t want to confront? Do you have too many open cycles? Are tasks piling up that you feel like you need to do?

Here’s My Advice: Make a List

List everything out — include every task you think you have to do. Just going through this process will free up your energy.

And then…

Cross out 90% of that sh*t. Get rid of it, because it’s not going to help you.

Just Do the Most Important Things

You get most of your results from a very little bit of what you actually do.

Most of the time when people are feeling a lack of inspiration it’s because they have a bunch of open cycles they feel like they have to do, and it’s weighing on them.

So list them all out, crumple them up and throw them away.

Then you can start fresh and focus on what’s most interesting to you at that time.