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How The Top Performing Brands Are Winning With Facebook Ads In 2021

by Ezra Firestone

Takeaways From The State Of Paid Advertising Industry Report (Part 3)

As digital marketers and entrepreneurs, we’ve been on a wild ride with the Pandemic and the iOs14 Update. You could say it’s been a one-two punch on our industry! But the Smart Marketer team just completed a massive Industry Report, pulling data from 30 different businesses with a combined total of $57 million in Ad spend on Facebook. (Be sure to check out Episodes 70 and 71 that dive into the data!)

In this episode, Molly Pittman and John Grimshaw hone in on what you can learn from the top-performing brands. There are most definitely common threads and winning strategies. So, listen if you want to find out what YOU can do to counteract the loss of data on the Facebook Ads platform!


Molly shares about the upcoming Mentorship, ‘TMTP,’ which you can join here:
Train My Traffic Person,

You will learn:

  • 8 things the 8 top performers are all doing (that you should too).
  • What hasn’t changed (and is still super important) with the iOS14 Update?
  • What makes the best Media Buyers?

And more!

Be sure to dive into episodes 70 and 71 if you haven’t already (Part 1 & 2).


John shares about the upcoming Mentorship, ‘TMTP,’ which you can join here:
Train My Traffic Person,


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0:00 “If you want to know what’s working right now, this is what’s working.” Molly Pittman.

00:56 John invites you to join the Train My Traffic Person Mentorship program.

02:10 #1, No matter the business type, Top Performers invested in lead generation with no expectation of immediate ROI.

03:16 #2, Strong and Detailed Retargeting Plays.

03:39 #3, Diversity of Offers. None of these brands relied on one strategy.

04:28 #4, Diversity of Avatars.

04:59 #5, Leverage 9 Conversion Objectives.

05:39 #6, Consolidate to fewer campaigns.

06:16 #7, Come out the gate with higher budgets.

06.59 #8, Let’s talk about CBO and ABO.

07:51 What is Not changing with iOS14? Let’s start with Social Proof.

10:57 User Generated Content.

11:49 Horizontal Scaling.

12:15 “The best media buyers are full-stack marketers.” Molly Pittman.

12:56 “To succeed with your paid advertising, whatever role you play in the business, you need to have strong offers. You need to have good data collection and analysis. You need to understand how to speak to your avatar and speak, not just about what your features are, but about the transformation.” John Grimshaw.

14:24 The most important component of what you’re doing.

16:21 “Hopefully, you sleep better tonight knowing that you aren’t alone. Hopefully, this helps you not to panic because we do not believe we should panic. The future is absolutely bright with paid advertising.” Molly Pittman.

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