Copy the Winning Strategies Behind My 2018 Black Friday Sale


I’m happy to announce that I had a super successful Black Friday this year, generating over $100k on Thanksgiving and over $200k on Black Friday itself.

And I’m not saying this to brag.

I’m saying it because, in this post, I break down the strategies I used for this sale…

So you can copy them for your holiday season or anytime you run a new product launch or special promotion.

Watch this video to learn the strategies I used in my:

  • Early bird campaign, and how we got 14,573 of our most engaged subscribers into our funnel
  • Holiday email strategy, which we used to build excitement and generate sales
  • Holiday ad campaigns, including the Facebook audience that brought us 10x return on ad spend
  • Post-purchase upsells, including how we used them to increase AOV and the split tests we’re running on our offers

PLUS you get a full breakdown of my holiday sales page, including:

  • Why we opted for a simple, to-the-point design this year (and why it was effective)
  • How we optimized our page for mobile (where 85% of people are consuming it)
  • How we used heat maps to tweak our sales page in the middle of our promotion

I hope you enjoy it!

Here are the resources I mention in this video:

Zipify Pages, my Shopify landing page builder:
OneClickUpsell, my post-purchase upsell tool:
Free training, my full holiday sale strategy:

1:47 If you build anticipation towards something, it preforms better
4:21 Email is still the number one driver of conversions
11:50 Early Bird Facebook ad results
13:47 We have found that our email subscribers are our highest converting source of traffic
16:47 Black Friday Facebook ad results
21:00 Profit margin breakdown
25:50 Offer Page overview
36:20 Offer page heat map breakdown
43:00 It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how much money you keep

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