Smart Marketer Podcast

Communication is Key (Part 1)

by Ezra Firestone

How are your communication skills? Join hosts Molly Pittman and John Grimshaw as they begin a new 3-part series on communication and the impact it has on relationships. Drawing from her “Balanced Being” course, Molly shares why she began focusing on building stronger interpersonal relationships both inside and outside of work. Molly also talks about the challenges she faces as a woman in a male-dominated industry, losing friends due to her success, and how you can learn from her experiences to become a better communicator.

You’ll Learn:

  • Your #1 job as a communicator
  • How to effectively “over-communicate”
  • Why Molly intentionally began investing in relationships
  • How to get Balanced Being for FREE!

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0:00 Get free access to Molly’s wellness course, Balanced Being, with the purchase of her book, Click Happy.

1:44 What’s Molly’s superpower, and how does it help her build relationships?

4:16 The craft of maintaining ongoing relationships…

6:26 How poor communication can ruin relationships.

9:59 “Over-communicating,” and ways to do it effectively.

13:00 Molly’s secret to creating new relationships.

15:48 Your #1 job as a communicator.

18:26 Myth Buster — Molly talks about female representation and challenges stereotypes.

22:20 Why you need to make sure people’s voices are heard…

23:07 Why (and how) Molly started intentionally investing in personal relationships

26:17 How Molly’s family reacts to her profession.

28:13 Thanks for listening!