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Channel Marketing


Video Highlights:
00:10 – How Ezra discovered channel marketing
00:25 – Plugging into a channel with relevant leads
00:30 – Amazon, Facebook, online forums and other channels
00:50 – One of the best channels that Ezra is making use of
01:05 – Increasing visibility for your business through channels
01:15 – Ezra’s marketing book club
01:35 – Leveraging channels to engage a community
01:50 – Finding channels that are not obvious

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Hi. Ezra, here. I want to talk about something that I’m doing in my business. This has really changed the way that I do business, and it’s called channel marketing. I stumbled upon it by accident. What channel marketing is, is it’s taking your product, your service, your company, it doesn’t matter what service or product you offer, and plugging it in to a channel that already has leads or customers that would be interested in that product or service. It’s plugging into a channel to generate engagement and visibility for your business.

Here are some examples of that: Amazon is a channel; Facebook is a channel you can plug into through advertising. Forums where you pay to part of these online forums are a channel that you can plug into that work really, really well for people who sell services. I sell a lot of services out of forums because I go into these forums, I engage with the community, I share things, and they end up buying my services. One of the best channels for me right now is Shopify. I sell e-commerce design and development services. Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform in our industry. I did a joint venture with them where I’m creating content for their website and they’re promoting me out to their subscriber base. My question to you is: What channels are available to you in your business that you can leverage to generate more visibility?

I want to share with you something else that I’m doing, that will give you an idea of how to plug into channels that may not be readily visible. I’ve started a book club. This book club is basically, I read marketing books all the time and I thought, “Everyone else is reading these books too, so why don’t I create a video about the higher concepts of these books and share that out with my community, get people to read these books along with me, and share their experience with me?” We all read these books already. We’re already doing it, so it’s just a channel that I can leverage to generate some engagement with my community. Then people come, they visit my site, they see my services business or they see my mastermind, and then they buy the products that I have for sale. I leveraged this channel.

Channels are not just like Facebook, Amazon, and joint ventures, there’s other channels that you can plug into that might not be easy to see; that might take a little bit of looking. Let me know what channels you’re already using in your business that are working well for you. What some channels that you think you could use?

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