Smart Marketer Podcast

Change Your Routines, Change Your Life (Part 2)

by Ezra Firestone

Do you save tedious tasks for certain days of the week? In part 2 of this series on routine and productivity, Molly and John describe their process for mentally and physically preparing for the work week. You’ll learn the day-to-day routines that boost their productivity, including why you should intentionally divide your time, how Molly starts her mornings off right, and why John’s ready to “eat the frog”. *Ribbit*

You’ll Learn:

  • Molly’s weekly routine
  • Why Molly admires John’s left brain
  • What it means to “eat the frog”
  • How John’s routine changed when he became CMO of Smart Marketer

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1:32 Let’s take a look at Molly’s week.

3:43 Pro tip: Don’t look at your phone when you wake up. Here’s why…

4:23 John has a left brain worth admiring.

6:24 Time Management — Here’s why you should intentionally divide your time.

8:34 “This is the day I’m going to eat the frog.”

11:23 What’s it like to move into a remote CMO position?

14:22 Thanks for listening!