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Bonus Episode! Your 2023 Kickstart With Ezra Firestone

Consider this a Pit Stop for your personal alignment! Ezra Firestone (Founder of Boom, Zipify, Smart Marketer, and now the owner of Overtone) shares the exact process he uses to reflect and set goals for each new year. You’ll hear all about Ezra’s recent challenges and how he plans to re-align for 2023 – so that you can learn how to tweak your outlook and routines and, in turn, adapt the goals you have for every area of your life.

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You Will Learn:

  • How to take inventory so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes.
  • What got Ezra through a traumatic year.
  • Where you’ll find the ‘Juice of Life.’
  • Why you need to make specific, measurable, actionable additions to your world.

And More…



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Time Stamps:

00:00 “You know what’s funny is the stuff I’m telling you now, which is the most important stuff; nobody wants to pay for that, and nobody even wants to hear about it. What they want to know is, how do we make more money? And I’m like; first, you start by taking care of yourself, filling your cup with energy, an emotional surplus, positivity, enthusiasm, and motivation. So that you’re working towards something with the support of a community, and then your business is going to do better”. Ezra Firestone.

01:59 Thank you for being here.

03:50 Ezra’s Tree Rat Story (He started from the bottom – now he’s here)

08:08 Ezra’s days at the Flea Market.

09:33 A Pit Stop For Your Alignment

12:06 “You can tell a lot about what’s going to happen by what did happen, and if you don’t look at what did happen, and you don’t make changes, then you’re just going to repeat the same stuff.” Ezra Firestone

17:06 The first step to taking responsibility for your existence.

18:54 Leverage Routines.

20:36 The Juice Of Life.

22:54 Sometimes You Need Help.

24:27 Ezra Reflects On What He Didn’t Do So Well In 2022

26:03 “One of the things that I’ve been blessed with and have worked on my whole life is willpower. I am interested in testing the power of my will. And if I say I’m going to do something, I do that thing”. Ezra Firestone.

29:15 Two Things Ezra Is Picking Back up In 2023

33:17 Ezra’s Personal Goals For 2023

36:51 Make Specific, Measurable, Actionable Additions To Your World.

40:47 “You can’t just focus on the one thing. You can’t isolate one slice of the orange. You gotta have the whole orange and the peel”. Ezra Firestone.

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