Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes at DigitalMarketer HQ

by Heather Farrat

By Ezra Firestone | November [13], 2018

Ezra here, behind the scenes at DigitalMarketer HQ.

DigitalMarketer are O.G.’s in the game — maybe even the double O.G.’s — and they’re the ones that got me started in this industry.

The first course I took was from DigitalMarketer back in, I don’t know, 2007?

Then they made me known in the marketing world when they published my first course in 2012…

And now in 2018 — at least a decade after I started doing business with them — I’m teaching a workshop on landing page optimization at their headquarters in Austin, TX.

Join me for a quick look behind the scenes of this awesome event, check out DigitalMarketer HQ, and have a look at my enthusiastic (but limited) drawing skills.

0:12 The first course I took was a DigitalMarketer Course
0:24 DigitalMarketer published my first course
0:35 DigitalMarketer is a great company that teaches how to be a better online marketer

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Hey, Ezra here. I’m behind the scenes at DigitalMarketer and I got a plant. It’s not a real plant, fake plant. But it’s a nice plant. DigitalMarketer the OG, double OG, triple OGs in the game.

When I first got into this industry, the first course I took was a DigitalMarketer course back in, like, 07. DigitalMarketer made me hot. What I mean by that is, like, they published my first course. They got behind me and now I’m here. I’m teaching a workshop. It’s 2018. It’s, like, at least a decade after I started doing business with these guys. I love DigitalMarketer. They’re in Austin, Texas. They’re a great training company on how to do online marketing better.

And I’m teaching a workshop on landing page optimization. I’m gonna take you around, you know, get you a little behind the scenes. And right now, there’s a whole bunch of people flying in from all over to be a part of this workshop in this room. I’m on the stage right now. I’m gonna draw a picture on the whiteboard to welcome them. So let’s do it. Here we go.

Now, this is actually the signature that I use when I sign checks. When I sign contracts. When I buy coffee at my local coffee shop, I sign with this signature. Here we go. Wait for it. Wait for it. What do we got here? What do we got here? Can anyone tell me what do we have? Wait for it. It’s not just any…This kinda looks like a rabbit. It’s supposed to be a cat. It’s not just any cat, it’s a birthday cat. Oh my goodness. So this will be welcoming people when they show up in the morning and have no idea what’s going on.

And I wanna show you one more drawing, which is my second-grade teacher from Sunset Beach Elementary, Mr. Caswell. Shout-out to Mr. Caswell if you’re watching this. Mr. Caswell was my second-grade teacher at Sunset Beach Elementary on the North Shore of Oahu. And he taught me how to draw this, which is Bob the Bird. And Bob the Bird has a little son named or Benny the Bird and he’s here. So anyways, this has nothing to do with what this video is about. We’re gonna do a whole workshop on landing page optimization for product offer pages for e-commerce business owners. Let’s take a look.

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