Behind the Scenes at DigitalMarketer HQ


Ezra here, behind the scenes at DigitalMarketer HQ.

DigitalMarketer are O.G.’s in the game — maybe even the double O.G.’s — and they’re the ones that got me started in this industry.

The first course I took was from DigitalMarketer back in, I don’t know, 2007?

Then they made me known in the marketing world when they published my first course in 2012…

And now in 2018 — at least a decade after I started doing business with them — I’m teaching a workshop on landing page optimization at their headquarters in Austin, TX.

Join me for a quick look behind the scenes of this awesome event, check out DigitalMarketer HQ, and have a look at my enthusiastic (but limited) drawing skills.

0:12 The first course I took was a DigitalMarketer Course
0:24 DigitalMarketer published my first course
0:35 DigitalMarketer is a great company that teaches how to be a better online marketer

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