Content Marketing

All-Stars Recap

by Ezra Firestone

We had some stellar videos produced for Ecommerce All-Stars this year…

And along with broadcasting everything that went down on stage to our live stream viewers, we also created this time-lapse of the best behind-the-scenes moments from the event.

(Unfortunately we couldn’t get Morgan Freeman to do the narration, as I requested… So you’ll just have to read the rest of this post his in voice.)

Here are some of the highlights:

• The event kicked-off with an exclusive VIP cocktail reception where attendees networked and mingled with folks from my top-level mastermind.

• Our visual notetaker created amazing hand-drawn posters for each presentation.

• Then there were more wine and cocktails. (We did work at this event, I promise.)

• I raffled off a custom skateboard with my famous “Ezra the Cat” doodle printed on it

• And my favorite: We awarded three professionally-made heavyweight championship belts for the following categories:

1. The highest number of landing pages published to their Shopify store using our landing page builder, Zipify Pages.
2. The most revenue generated via OneClickUpsell — that’s our app that allows you to add custom post-purchase upsells to your Shopify store.
3. And perhaps the most important belt of all was awarded to the winner of our sudden death Ro-Sham-Bo tournament.

Needless to say — All-Stars 2017 was a blast, and if you couldn’t come this year I hope this gets you pumped up to join us next year.

You can flip through the photo gallery — or sign up to be notified when next year’s early bird tickets go on sale — by visiting the event highlights page.