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A Beginners Guide To Mastering TikTok in 2022 (Part 2), With Maxwell Finn & Molly Pittman

If you’ve only scratched the surface of TikTok Ads, this 2-Part Series with Maxwell Finn will provide the motivation (and the know-how) that you need. In Part 1 (Episode 86), Molly and Max talked about what TikTok cares about most, the Apps and resources that will be a game-changer for your Creative, plus Best Practices, and more.

But today, in this episode, Max takes it a step further and helps you set up your campaign like a seasoned Pro. His agency (Future Traffik) serves clients with daily ad spend upwards of $50k, and he’s boiled down the essentials for us in this episode with tips for your first 30 days and beyond.

You Will Learn,

  • How to get started with a Campaign.
  • Your daily budget formula for success.
  • Maxwell’s top three scaling methods (right now).

And more!

“If you’re making money on certain ad channels, keep doing it. But take 5-10% of your marketing budget and start testing other channels as soon as possible. That’s where your big wins are going to come from. You’re not going to take your business to $50 million a year by just getting a little better on Facebook. You’re going to get there by cracking a new channel, or a new tactic, some massive game-changer, and whether that’s TikTok or not, the important lesson is to innovate, experiment, and try other things.” Maxwell Finn.

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01:14 How To Get Started With A Campaign.

02:50 Your daily budget formula for success.

07:02 Tips For Your First 30-Days.

09:09 How The Algorithm Works.

11:09 Maxwell’s Top 3 Scaling Methods (Right now).

18:40 “When I’m investing in a traffic channel, or investing in anything- I want to invest in something that is at this point in its life cycle, not when it’s flat or going down. We still spend a lot of money on Facebook, but I don’t see Facebook getting exponentially better. I see it either maintaining or getting a little less effective in terms of costs to reward. Whereas TikTok is getting much, much more powerful. Costs will rise, but I think the performance will increase faster than CPMs, and costs will.” Maxwell Finn.

19:58 Policy – a huge issue on any platform.

21:51 Part Of The Game – Frustrations you may find With TikTok.

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