live! Thursday, August 24 at 3pm ET

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Get Your Paid Ad Campaigns Ready for the iOS 17 Update
Plus: Our Latest Case Studies & How to Monetize Q4 2023

With Molly Pittman, John grimshaw & EZRA FIRESTONE

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Hey! Molly here.

Thank you so much for registering for this live training! I’m so excited to hang out and share our newest strategies and insights on 8/24.

I believe that as a marketer or entrepreneur, your most valuable asset is your time. And when you choose to spend your time with me, I’m going to do everything I can to make that experience valuable for you.

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What You'll Learn

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn in this free live training:

What you need to know about iOS 17—and how to prepare for it to avoid a performance crash this September.

Agency case studies: scaling campaigns to $30k/day—profitably.

How to prepare for big success this Q4.

Plus, we’ll also share these 2 powerful resources:

Flexible Use Content—this guide teaches you how we work with clients to create high-quality, flexible content that can be used in a variety of ads.

Top 100 Media Buying Questions of 2023 (And Their Answers)—this comprehensive document shares the answers to the top 100 questions we answered this year, along with relevant screenshots, data, and links to additional resources.

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If you come to this free training and implement the proven strategies you learn, we’re confident you’ll see BIG results!

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