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Class #1:

Plan Your Campaign (or Plan to Fail)

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Proper planning is often the difference between a winning campaign & an expensive flop.

In this video, you’ll get:

  • Molly’s planning system
  • Advice on choosing products for Facebook ads 
  • Insight on why goal-setting saves time later.

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Sneak Peek at Class 2-5

Reach the Right People

Class #2

Nothing drives costs up like showing your ads to people who don’t want what you’re offering.

In this video, you’ll get the tools to define your audience and Molly’s sure-fire way to find them on Facebook (this works for businesses of all shapes and sizes).

Produce High-Converting Ads

Class #3

The ads you actually notice in your newsfeed don’t look that way by accident – there’s a recipe for repeatable success.

In this video, Molly will walk through the ads she’s created (and why) and give you two ad templates to use for your campaign.

Build a Scalable Campaign

Class #4

One of the hardest parts of creating a winning campaign is setting it up right in Facebook.

In this video, you’ll watch Molly actually navigate through Facebook’s backend to properly set up the ads and targeting.

Launch Your Campaign

Class #5

The end is the beginning… Watch Molly launch the campaign you just saw her build. Then, it will be your turn to press the “Go” button!

Plus, Molly will explain why this campaign is just the start of your journey to Facebook ads success.