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Codie Sanchez:

“How I Buy Businesses and How You Can Too”


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About this Video

Codie was the crowd favorite at our recent event in Miami.

Every Blue Ribbon member owns a 7–9-figure business — many of us have even bought and sold brands for huge exits (like me). 

In this session, Codie shares her insider experience in private equity to advise the group on how to raise capital and buy discounted businesses in today’s economy.

In this Members-Only Training...

you will learn:

I’m not asking you to join my mastermind.  

Instead, I’m putting you in the driver’s seat so you can decide for yourself if leadership training like this will help you scale in today’s economy.

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“Revenue has gone through the roof. We’ve seen a lot of success — like 3X on our ads! — where we were previously struggling amongst everybody else with Facebook and privacy updates. That was a huge win, and that came from us really being a part of the community.”
– Alexandria,
Owner of Curl Mix


“Our business in the trailing 12 months is actually 10 times bigger than it was when I joined Blue Ribbon. The purpose of joining Blue Ribbon [...] was to build a real brand, not just an Amazon company.” To build something real that impacts people’s lives.”
– Frank,
Owner of The Ohm Store


“I don’t think I’ve missed one Blue Ribbon in-person event since I’ve joined the group. The content’s great, but there’s no other group where you’re just being able to network with truly incredible business owners that are super, super successful in what they do.”
– James,
Owner of Sunergetic Products

Apply now to access our 2 yearly in-person events, and a whole lot more!

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