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We followed Ezra’s Q4 / BFCM promotional strategies and had OUR BEST DAY SO FAR IN COMPANY HISTORY at 309k. We did 101k in the first hour of the sale.

This absolutely crushed our expectations. Thanks Ezra!
Anthony Mink
Live Bearded

Ezra's 2024 BFCM Training

Ezra breaks down every step of his BFCM promotion for all of Q4.

Q4 Creatives

See the creatives from the ads, emails and landing pages that Ezra uses in every stage of his holiday sale.

2 BFCM Case Studies

This Toolkit isn't just theory: see how well Ezra's Q4 promotional strategy has worked for 2 successful brands.

Does Q4 account for 35–50% of your yearly revenue?
It should!

For most brands, Q4 can literally be the difference between having a banner year or filing for bankruptcy…

But a lot of marketers don’t know how to cut through the noise and seize the massive opportunity of the holiday season:

Last year, our agency clients generated 35–50% of our total revenue just in Q4…

And now we’re sharing our entire BFCM strategy so you can drive this level of sales during the holiday season!

Swipe my 2024 Black Friday Prep Toolkit

Get a step-by-step, week-by-week breakdown of every ad, email and landing page Ezra sends from October through December.

(These are same strategies Ezra used to generate over $100 MILLION in Q4 revenue!)

You’ll learn how to:

Q4 is the most important time of year for small brands, so don’t leave anything to chance — grab our 2024 BFCM Toolkit now!


made by Shopify merchants (up 24%)
$ 7 Billion
Merchants had their biggest day ever (Are you next?)
in sales made in just 60 seconds
$ 3 Million


Thank you for the Black Friday Toolkit training... Email alone generated $535k in sales during our BFCM sales (Nov 14th–Nov 28th.)

This was a 184% increase over last year... Thank you for making me look like a rockstar!
Maddie & Bean

5 Elements of a Record-breaking Black Friday / Cyber Monday Promotion

Ad Strategy

Get Ezra's best BFCM ad templates, creative formulas and campaign hacks for every stage of your Q4 promotion (and learn how to avoid high ad costs!).

Email Strategy

See how Ezra uses email throughout my Q4 promotion to boost profitability by generating leads, building excitement, and driving sales / repeat purchases.

Page Optimization

See what years of running BFCM sales has taught us about building pages that increase conversions and maximize order value (so important!).


Find out how to choose the perfect offers and purchasing incentives to beat competitors without hurting your profitability.

Campaign Calendar

Worried about buyer fatigue? Use Ezra's "Mini Campaign" strategy to extend your sale throughout Q4 while keeping your offers and creative fresh.


We were doing $3k–$5k months and then we listened to a BFCM podcast with Ezra and implemented the tips. Did $89k between November 1st and January 31st!!...

THANK YOU GUYS!! Because of Smart Marketer... We've been able to fully work from home and watch our baby boy everyday for his first year of life. LIFE CHANGING!!
Amanda & Alex

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