Arri Bagah: Advanced SMS Tactics for Ecommerce (Blue Ribbon Live in St. Pete, FL)

by Ezra Firestone

Arri Bagah reminds me of myself when I was an up-and-comer in this industry: he’s young, smart, technical, and he’s out there making it happen!

Arri’s an expert in conversational marketing with a focus on SMS, and he works with some of the biggest direct-to-consumer companies in the game right now, including William Painter, Tuft & Needle, Snow teeth whitening, and BOOM! (my brand).

In this post, I’m sharing his awesome session from my private Mastermind event — Blue Ribbon Live in St. Pete, FL. Content from these events is usually only available to our group of 7–9-figure business owners, but I’ve unlocked this video for the Smart Marketer community because I think everyone should see it.

I believe SMS is going to be a huge communication channel for businesses in the near future. As Arri points out, we’re already living in a mobile-first world, where website traffic for ecommerce businesses is 67% mobile.

Still, most people aren’t using SMS as part of their marketing strategy. Why? Because they believe their customers don’t want to be texted by brands. But Arri says that’s not true. According to him, over 75% of people want to be texted by brands (and many already are).

This video will help you get started.

What You Will Learn in This Video

In his session, Arri shares what’s working right now in SMS for ecommerce businesses, and how you can leverage his text messaging strategies to grow your brand.

He also shares some of the first SMS flows you should implement, including his:

    Welcome Series: How to engage new opt-ins to your SMS flow using a combination of content and sales offers.

    Coupon Reminder: This is one of his best flows for people new to SMS. A simple reminder to customers to use their coupon is an effective way to increase sales.

    Abandoned Cart: This flow dynamically pulls in product information from a customer’s cart. It also has the highest clickthrough rates (60–70%) and conversion rates (24–30%) of all of Arri’s SMS sequences.