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YouTube has grown from non-existent to one of our biggest and best performing channels for generating new customers. Brett Curry has been instrumental in making this happen.
Founder, Smart Marketer

Thinking of experimenting with Google Ads? Wondering if Google ads are worth the money?

The average Facebook user spends 30–40 minutes a day on the social platform — but that same person spends an average of 155 minutes every day surfing the web or scrolling through other social websites.

So while Facebook is our primary advertising channel, and the one we recommend media buyers start with the most…

As your business grows, you want to scale across all of the places your customers spend their time.

To do this, you need to start thinking about an omni-channel traffic strategy.

Investing in Google ads is the smartest way to do this, because it can help you:

Google has 2x the reach of Facebook & Instagram combined, reaching 97% of the entire internet. So no matter who your ideal customers are, or where they prefer to spend their time, you can find more of them on Google than anywhere else on the internet. And once you learn how to become a full-stack marketer, then you’ll be able to grow any brand using an omni-channel approach that leverages all 4 major ad platforms at once for maximum visibility and scale.

You don’t need to choose between Google or Facebook — in fact, you really shouldn’t. Facebook, Instagram, Google & YouTube each have their own strengths (and weaknesses), and while Facebook may be your main source for brand awareness, Google is widely known for it’s high bottom-of-funnel conversion rate. So even brands that prefer social media advertising can add 10% more ad revenue by leveraging the higher purchase intent of Google Search & Shopping ads.

Did you know that more 18–34 year olds are watching YouTube than cable tv? And research shows that 81% of all U.S. adults have used YouTube vs only 69% for Facebook? After Facebook, YouTube is ranked #2 in global engagement with 2.3 billion  active monthly users. And it’s the world’s 2nd largest search engine and the 2nd most visited site on the Internet after Google. Bottom line: no matter what industry you’re in, you can scale to your heart’s content on Google and YouTube.

Scaling onto Google and YouTube diversifies your traffic sources and gives you a backup stream for generating revenue. This way, if anything happens to your Facebook ad account, or if your sales take a big hit from the next iOS or algorithm update, you’ll still have a secondary revenue channel to rely on while you figure things out. This is like buying secret insurance for your brand, except instead of paying for it, it pays you! Otherwise, you’re always just one misfortune away from going bust.

Google adds 4 new traffic channels in
one powerful ad platform

Search Ads

Strengthen any existing ad strategy with powerful retargeting campaigns to increase bottom-of-funnel conversions.

Display Ads

Grow brand awareness and generate new leads with top-of-funnel Display Ads that reach 90% of all internet users.

Shopping Ads

Build high-ROI shopping funnels and product feeds to capture more bottom-of-funnel sales for any ecommerce brand.

YouTube Ads

Unlock a massive new sales channel and diversify your traffic by scaling onto YouTube’s 2+ billion user platform.

With Google Ads, you won’t need to learn a different marketing platform for each new traffic channel.

All your data flows into a single ad account, so you can share winning audiences cross-channel and manage your Search, Display and Shopping campaigns from one place.

And similar to Facebook’s interest targeting, you can use Google’s affinity targeting to find new customers, create “look-a-like” audiences and scale winning campaigns.

$ 700000

Looking for new ways to scale? YouTube is the perfect secondary channel.

We went from spending $0 on YouTube ads to generating $779,335 in just 6 months — all from cold traffic! 

After Facebook, there’s no other ad platform that can match YouTube’s huge reach, high engagement, and detailed targeting options. Simply put, it’s the ideal secondary channel to pair with your existing traffic campaigns.

Now, there are months when YouTube beats Facebook in spend and CPA! 

So here are two key reasons why we love YouTube ads:

YouTube Is a Shopping Platform

YouTube has a lot more than funny cat videos. It’s developed into a trusted shopping platform where savvy advertisers can reach over 2 billion potential customers around the world.

Consider these facts:

You’re Already 90% of the Way to Your First Profitable YouTube Ads Campaign.

If you’re already running Facebook ads, you’re a lot closer to YouTube success than you realize.

All you need to do is make a few modifications to your existing creative so that it will work on YouTube, and make sure to set up your new campaigns for success.

As a free bonus, this course includes our YouTube Kickstart Blueprint so you get the tools to close that remaining 10% gap between you and your first successful campaign. So you can tap into this HUGE (and hugely profitable) platform.

We helped William Painter scale their YouTube ads to 70 million views.

Birki gts
Birki gts
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Congratulations. This is the first youtube ad i didn't skip. Even clicked the link. Well done, if only other ads where this good.
Jay Piccirilli
Jay Piccirilli
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This is hands down THE BEST commercial I have ever seen.
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I literally came here to watch an Ad once again.
Shlovan Kehlleri
Shlovan Kehlleri
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The only commercial I've ever seen completely, liked right away and after a while got back to search for and watch it again. Crazy job your team did right here.

We can help you too!

Course Curriculum

Smart Google Traffic includes 11 training modules with over 75 easy-to-follow tutorial videos and a YouTube Masterclass taught by Google Premier Partner Brett Curry.

In this on-demand Smart Course, you’ll learn how to build a diversified traffic system for any ecommerce business using Google Search, Display Network, Shopping, and YouTube ads.


Setting Up Shop & Building Your Ad Accounts

“Why Google Ads?” & Building the Proper Framework
Shopping Funnels
Fueled by Data & Insights
Google Analytics Setup & Enabling Remarketing Lists
Building Remarketing Lists, Setting Goals & Understanding Attribution
Connecting AdWords & Google Analytics
Setting UP Google Merchant Center
YouTube Channel Setup


The Google Display Network: Art, Science & Structure

Display Remarketing Setup
The Abandoned Cart Remarketing Sequence
The Top 4 Remarketing Campaigns You’ll Need
Display Remarketing Bidding Strategies
4 Steps to Killer Display Ads
Campaign Creation & Responsive Ads
Measure Success on GDN


Brand Search with Google Ads

“Why Branded Search Campaigns?”
Google Ads Account & Campaign Structure
Keyword Research & Match Types
Creating Great Search Ads
Search Ad Campaign Creation
Audience Targeting


Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Overview
Product Feed Tips: Part 1
Product Feed Tips: Part 2
Google Merchant Center & Feed Diagnostics
Google Shopping Campaign Creation
Google Shopping RLSA Campaign Creation
Measuring Success with Google Shopping


YouTube Remarketing Ads

Intro to YouTube Advertising
YouTube TrueView Ads
Creating Killer Video Ads
YouTube Top Audiences
Creating YouTube Remarketing Campaigns
Measuring Success with YouTube

Smart Google Traffic’s YouTube Masterclass

This Smart Course includes a 6-hour YouTube Masterclass with proven creative templates and campaign structures our students have used to scale their video ads to 70 million views!


Foundation & Structure for Success

Understanding TrueView Ads
Conversion Paths & Shopping Funnels
Attribution Models & Cross Channel Issues
Setting Up Your Google Ads Account
Google Ads Custom Columns
Build Video Viewers Lists


Crafting the Perfect YouTube Ads

7 Tips for Killer YouTube Ads
What, Who, How
Testimonial Sandwich
Story Principles
The Story & The Glory
The Pitchman Demo
7 Conversion Killers
7 Resources


Audience Targeting

In-Market Audiences
Custom Intent Audiences
Affinity Audiences
Custom Affinity Audiences
Life Events
Keyword Targeting & Placements
“And” Targeting vs. “Or” Targeting


Bids & Budgets

In-Market Campaign
Creating Your First Ad
Custom Intent Campaign
Affinity Campaign


Campaign Management & Optimization

Custom Intent Clarification
Keyword Campaign
Placement Campaigns
Frequency Caps
How the Bidder Works
Optimization Basics
Key Metrics to Measure
Keys to Growth: New Videos & Audiences
Watch Audience Insights


Completing Your YouTube Funnel

Video Viewer Audiences
Video Viewer Campaign
Remarketing Campaigns: Trueview for Shopping
Target Video Viewers in Search & Shopping
Encourage Repeat Purchases

Meet Your Instructor

Bretty Curry

CEO, OMG Commerce

First and foremost, Brett’s passion is helping eCommerce companies grow their businesses through creative marketing efforts.

And as the CEO of OMG Commerce, Brett has played a key role in the growth of some of the fastest-growing ecommerce companies today—including BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, Native deodorant, Smarty Pants vitamins, and many more.

He’s a repeat presenter at top industry events like Traffic & Conversion Summit, IRCE, Ecommerce All-Stars, Content & Commerce, SMMW, and MDMC. Brett is also the author of The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping, and he hosts the eCommerce Evolution, a podcast centered on accelerating growth for eCommerce.

“Should I Join Smart Google Traffic?”

This training is for anyone who wants to learn how to create and scale Google and YouTube ads for ecommerce.

Ecommerce Businesses

While anyone can learn the fundamentals of Google ads in this course, many of the campaign examples and creative formulas we include were only tested for ecommerce brands.

All Team Sizes

Whether you’re a do-it-yourself business owner or you run a $125 million ecommerce store with 100+ employees like we do, this course is still the most effective way to launch Google ads for your brand.

All Skill Levels

From Agency owners looking to sharpen their skills, to up-and-coming team members with no previous experience, this course teaches anyone how to produce profitable ad campaigns, week in, week out.

All Budgets

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars a day to see positive returns on Google. Google ads are designed to scale with any budget, and you’ll learn how to optimize every campaign to make sure it scales profitably.

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13 training videos on how to launch, manage and optimize your first YouTube campaign. In this free bonus, you get step-by-step instructions to tweak your best Facebook video ads so they’ll succeed on YouTube.

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Grow any ecommerce business with incredible power and reach of Google Ads. You’ll learn how to create omni-channel ad campaigns for Google Search, Display Network, Google Search, Shopping and YouTube.

Master the Google Display Network

with Brett Curry, the CEO and Founder of a top Google ad agency.

Google Search Ads

Strengthen any ads strategy with Google Search to create powerful retargeting campaigns and increase visibility.

Google Shopping Ads

Build high-ROI Google Shopping funnels and product feeds to generate easy sales for ecommerce brands.

YouTube Video Ads

This course includes a 6-hour YouTube Masterclass packed with creative templates and campaign blueprints to unlock YouTube for any business.

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