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Unlock the Complete Email Marketing System We Used to Generate $185 Million Across 3 Brands

With 107 email examples, 22 campaigns and the latest solutions to Apple’s iOS 15 and Google’s Spam updates — any brand (in any market) can turn email into their #1 sales channel.

Over 30,000 business owners, digital marketers & students worldwide trust Smart Marketer.


I completely changed my career and after watching the email marketing course in November I landed work with 5 different clients immediately!
Trayan Hristov
Founder & CEO, Thrivelia

Are you struggling with high ad costs & low email revenue since Apple's iOS updates?

We completely updated Smart Email Marketing to tackle the biggest problems (and opportunities) facing email marketers.

Lower Facebook ad costs post-iOS 14

Facebook is still the #1 platform for reaching new audiences, but it isn’t converting as well since iOS 14.

Fortunately, email has a 2.5x higher conversion rate compared to ads.

Our Email Marketing System (packed with 22 advanced campaigns) will help you convert your Facebook traffic for a fraction of the price, so you can maximize your ROI.

Make email your #1 sales channel

If email accounts for less than 40% of your revenue, then you have a major opportunity for growth!

Not only is email the most profitable sales channel (approx. 40x ROI vs 1.5x on Facebook), it’s also the most reliable.

Think about how much of a headache Facebook has been over the last few years (especially iOS 14), or how many businesses have crumbled because of a Google update.

Stay ahead of iOS 15 & the new Gmail updates

Organic reach on Facebook has dropped to 2%, which means 98% of your audience doesn’t even see your marketing.

Meanwhile, email’s 80% organic reach makes it the cheapest way to nurture leads and generate repeat purchases.

That’s why it’s crucial to adapt to iOS 15 & the new Google update, so you can avoid the Spam folder and continue to get clicks and opens.


A new Gmail update is cutting email sales in half... Here's the solution we used to 2X opens, 4X clicks & take back our revenue.

Gmail made a big algorithm change in January 2022.

All the sudden, brands like ours — that follow best practices and send emails our customers actually want — found themselves in the spam folder.

Oh, and our email sales plummeted overnight.

We tried everything to fix it: changing our copy, mailing to different segments, even hiring a service… but nothing worked.

Then we found the solution.

Our resident email expert (and your course instructor) John Grimshaw discovered the answer: ✔️shift to a dedicated sending domain and ✔️run a warm-up email sequence.

In a few short weeks, we 2X’d opens and 4X’d clicks. Hallelujah!

We estimate 30–40% of businesses have already been affected by Gmail’s update, but even if you haven’t yet…

We recommend you start preparing now.

That way, your email revenue doesn’t plummet during your biggest promo of the year (like it did for us).

We cover the entire 4-step process — including email templates you can swipe for your warm-up sequence — in Module 6 of Smart Email Marketing.

Get a sneak peek of the course!


How to Warm Up a Sending Configuration

Is your list suffering from low open rates and poor deliverability? Learn how to measure the health of your list and diagnose any urgent problems in this free preview from Module 6.

An on-demand training program that teaches anyone how to grow a brand with email.

The new Smart Email Marketing is the most up-to-date email marketing course on the planet. It’s packed with 107 streamable videos, 22 advanced campaigns, 110+ email templates & examples, and 55 different course resources to help you turn email into a huge revenue channel for your business.

Module 1

Crucial Cornerstones of Email Marketing
Learn how to audit your brand’s email performance, create better-selling offers, and craft the perfect email template as you discover what it takes to succeed as an email marketer.

The Goal
Email & The Smart Marketing Model
Why & How to Win With Email
Audit Your Email Performance
3 Shapes to Mastering Email Marketing
The 8 Immutable Laws of Email Marketing
Email Quality Assurance
Build an Email Swipe File
The Perfect Email Template
The Who, Where, and When of Email
The Offer Formula
From Email to Campaign
Building a Campaign

Module 2

Build Your List
Your email list is the most valuable asset a digital brand owns. In this module, you’ll learn how to build and grow yours as quickly and efficiently as possible using paid traffic channels.

How to Get Your List
Build Your Opt-In Offer
Build an Opt-In Page
Running Your SLO to Paid Traffic
Build & Launch Your Facebook Campaign

Module 3

Crafting Your Email Copy
In this module, we dive into one of the best kept secrets (and most important skills) that makes email marketing work for any business: How to craft a unique brand voice.

Why Voice Matters
The Character Diamond
How to Fill Out Your Character Diamond
Tips for Finding & Feeding Your Voice
Brand Voice: This or That
Your Welcome Series
How to Create Your Welcome Series Campaign Map
Our Copywriting Toolbox
The Parts of an Email
Email Openers
Proof & Objection Busters
Conversion Cues
Reasons to Mail
Copywriting Resources

Module 4

Automation Engine Campaigns
Automated email flows will drive the majority of your email sales, and here we give you 14 of our most profitable campaigns and teach you how to add them to your business.

Automation: Email Retargeting
What Makes Good Automation?
Pre-Arrival Sequence
How to Create Your Pre-Arrival Campaign Map
Cross-Sell Sequence
How to Create Your Cross-Sell Campaign Map
Ambassador Request Sequence
How to Create Your Ambassador Request Campaign Map
UGC Request Sequence
How to Create Your UGC Request Campaign Map
Feedback Request Sequence
How to Create Your Feedback Request Campaign Map
Repeat Purchase Sequence
How to Create Your Repeat Purchase Campaign Map
Conversion v. Post-Purchase Automation
Upsell: Lead to Sale Flow
How to Create Upsell: Lead to Sale
Upsell: Birthday Gift Flow
How to Create Your Upsell: Birthday Gift Campaign Map
Upsell: Giveaway Flows
How to Create Your Upsell: Giveaway Campaign Map
Browse Abandonment Sequence
How to Create Your Browse Abandon Campaign Map
Cart Abandonment Sequence
How to Create Your Cart Abandonment Sequence Map
Winback Sequence
How to Create Your Winback Campaign Map
Out of Stock Sequence
How to Create Your Out of Stock Campaign Map
Sunset Sequence
How to Create Your Sunset Campaign Map
What Your Business Needs Today

Module 5

Generating Revenue: Promo Emails
Want some extra sales today? This module includes 7 types of multi-day promotional campaigns you can launch year round to boost revenue and drive free traffic.

Why Plan Your Promotions
Offer Inventory
Promotion Planning Checklist
Filling Out Your Promotional Calendar
Example Promotional Calendars
Filling Out a Promotional Tracking Sheet
The Three Promotional Types
[Excitement] Giveaway Campaign
How to Create Your Giveaway Campaign Map
[Excitement] Webinar Registration
How to Create Your Webinar Registrant Campaign
[Activation] Flash Sale
How to Create Your Flash Sale Campaign Map
[Activation] Price Hike
How to Create Your Price Hike Campaign Map
[Monetization] 8 Day Double Down
How to Create Your 8 Day Double Down Campaign Map
[Monetization] Extra Extra!
How to Create Your Extra Extra! Campaign Map
2x Buyer Survey Email Sequence
How to Create a 2x Buyer Survey Email Campaign
Final Promo Campaign Tips

Module 6

Hitting the Inbox: Email Deliverability
Apple’s iOS 15 and Google’s new Spam Filter are changing email forever. We’ll teach you the skills you need to improve deliverability and protect your biggest sales channel.

What Determines Deliverability
Evaluating Your Deliverability
How To Use Deliverability Monitoring Tools
How to Fix Deliverability
Smart Marketer’s Deliverability Issue
How to Warm Up a Sending Configuration
Why Use Segmentation?
Key Segments & Examples
How to Create Powerful Segments
List Hygiene Tips

Module 7

Analytics & Optimizations
Learn the easiest ways to track your email performance, so you can start using honest data to make smarter (and more profitable) decisions in your business. No math degree required!

3 Principles of Data & Analytics
Our Review Cycle
Important Email Numbers
How to Establish Broadcast Benchmarks
How to Establish Flow Benchmarks
Turning Numbers Into Action
Email Improvement Checklist
Testing Emails
Get Out There and Send Some Emails!

+ Bonus

Leveraging Your Other Owned Media
Email is owned media: it's cheap, easy, and gives you more control than ads. This bonus content shows you how to use other owned media like SMS and Messenger in your business, too.

Leveraging Your Other Owned Media

What's Included

Each module of SEM combines strategy sessions, step-by-step tutorials, email templates, and 55 brand new course resources to give you a clear path to success.
You also get free course updates through 2024 including updated walkthroughs, bonus videos, resources, swipe files and more whenever they’re needed.


Your insights and training have helped me grow my employers website revenue to over $5 million my first year, 35–40% from email alone.
– Michael W

22 Advanced Email Campaigns With 110+ email templates & examples Any Brand Can Copy.

Generate & Nurture Leads

8 campaigns that generate more leads and brand assets for your business.

Welcome Sequence

Social Contests

Out of Stock Sequence

Webinar Registration

Ambassador Request Sequence

UGC Request Sequence

Feedback Request Sequence

2x Buyer Survey Email Sequence

Convert More Buyers

8 campaigns to convert new buyers and launch more promotions.

Flash Sale

8 Day Double Down

Cart Abandonment Sequence

Browse Abandonment Sequence

Cross-Sell Sequence


Price Hike

Extra Extra!

Increase Repeat Purchases

6 campaigns that increase repeat purchases and create life-long fans.

Pre-Arrival Sequence

Customer Winback Sequence

Repeat Purchase Sequence

Free Giveaways

Birthday Sequence

Sunset Sequence

Preview the Course

You don’t have to take our word for it… 

Get a sneak peek of our Flash Sale templates (1 of 22 campaigns), then decide for yourself if advanced email marketing like this will help you grow your business.

Watch Module 5:

The Flash Sale Campaign

(If you run this 1 campaign today, you could pay for the entire course!)


“We’re on day 3 of the 4 day price hike and it has been the most dominant, ridiculously high-performing email campaign we’ve ever sent.”

– Scott W.

Become a Certified Email Marketer

After completing this course and passing the final exam, you will receive a Professional Certification in Email Marketing!

Use your badge to sign new clients, land your dream job, or confirm a team member's skills / completion of the course.

Validate your abilities with a stamp of approval from Smart Marketer and the world's largest digital credential network.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m John!

I’m Smart Marketer’s data-obsessed CMO, and in my career I’ve sent over 443,000,000 emails.

But more importantly for you, in just 12 months I doubled Smart Marketer’s email revenue using the same email system I teach in this course.

Which is amazing because Ezra is a fantastic email marketer who had already generated millions of dollars with this sales channel.

But hey, it just goes to show you that even a marketer as smart as Ezra can’t possibly manage everything on his own. 

As the business owner his attention was split a dozen different ways, so even though email was already Ezra’s biggest revenue generator, he knew that to grow the brand he needed someone who could focus on email full time.

So when Ezra made me his CMO, managing the email list was my highest priority.

You may not realize it, but an email specialist is one of the most important roles on any marketing team. 

This person does a heck of a lot more than just send out blog posts: they generate the most revenue, engage with the most customers, and help grow the brand’s most valuable asset — your email list.

And if you don’t invest in your email specialist and give them the tools they need to succeed, it doesn’t just hurt your email revenue — it lowers ROI from every other channel.

That’s why we created Smart Email Marketing. 

In this program, I will help you or a team master the skills I use every day as a professional email specialist, so you can drive more email revenue for your own business or any brand that hires you.

“Should I Join This Course?"

All Business Types

The system works across all markets and industries: ecommerce, info products, SaaS, agencies — you name it.

All Team Sizes

Whether you're a do-it-yourself business owner or you have a designated email specialist like John, this is the most efficient system for leveraging email to drive growth.

All Skill Levels

Depending on your experience level, this course can help you build an email system from scratch or improve the skills you already have.

All Budgets

Email is the most affordable and most profitable marketing channel — and it works at all scales. No matter your budget, SEM will help you get a high ROI from your investment.

The most up to date email marketing course on the planet.

Join Now

Our proven training - You get the same 12-week curriculum as our popular email mentorship delivered in a flexible on-demand course.

John's complete email system for generating and nurturing leads, driving sales, and producing repeat customers.

22 of our most profitable automated & manual promotion campaigns.

37 step-by-step walkthrough videos to guide you through every module.

55 brand new course resources including worksheets, templates, swipe files, checklists and more.

110+ email templates & examples to copy & inspire your own campaigns.

The latest fixes for Apple iOS 15 and Google’s new Spam Filter.

Free updates to all training videos and course resources through 2024.

30-day, money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

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Over 30,000 business owners, digital marketers & students worldwide trust Smart Marketer.

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