Launch a podcast in just 60 days that builds authority, grows your audience & generates loyal customers.

Turn audio storytelling into a content engine for your brand, with a–z instructions from the producers behind 20 million+ podcast downloads.

Over 30,000 business owners, digital marketers & students worldwide trust Smart Marketer.

A–Z Guide

Everything you need to plan, launch, manage, grow & monetize a successful podcast.

Strategy Sessions

Access high-level recorded strategy sessions with your course instructors.

Proven Resources

Swipe templates that streamline production, simplify recording, laser target your audience & more!

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Get our analysis of other successful podcast launches from both info & ecom brands.


The husband-and-wife team behind 20 million+ podcast downloads.

Meet Darren and Jessie! They’re content marketing experts and leaders in the podcasting space… 

And in 2021 Darren joined the Hubspot team, producing a string of hit podcasts like Marketing Against the Grain and The Daily Hustle Show.

But before that, Darren and Jessie met Molly: producing her first podcast, Perpetual Traffic, and laying the groundwork for a long, successful partnership with her and Smart Marketer.

Perpetual Traffic was a huge success.

So when Molly and Smart Marketer decided to launch their own podcast in 2019, they called Darren and Jessie.

400 episodes later The Smart Marketer Podcast is still going strong, and even though Molly and John have a million things going on, they still produce high-quality podcasts every week that are enjoyed by people world-wide.

(Consistency is the hardest part of running a podcast, but Darren and Jessie make it so easy with all their production frameworks.)

Now, Darren and Jessie have partnered with us on our new Podcast Launch Blueprint!

A highly tactical course for marketers and brand owners who want to use audio storytelling to build authority, grow an audience, generate loyal customers, and even become an influencer (if you’re into that).

They’re incredibly talented and wonderful people — you’re in great hands!

“Every single podcast Darren and Jessie have developed has charted on Apple Podcasts. They’re incredible!”

Molly Pittman
CEO, Smart Marketer

A podcast is the perfect content engine for digital brands.

Are you struggling to stand out from other brands? Feeling like you can’t turn those one-time buyers into repeat customers who come back again and again? 

A great product alone won’t buy customer loyalty. No matter what you are selling, it’s essential that you connect with your customers beyond the product to grow and scale — and that’s where great content marketing comes in.

One of the best bets to make in 2024 are on podcasts. These are one of the most impactful options for building brand authority, growing an audience and generating repeat customers.

Reach a massive audience of passionate listeners

Just look at these stats:

Podcasts aren’t just about the numbers though - they are one of the best ways to:

Connect with customers on a deeper level

Leverage your content across multiple channels

And they integrate easily into all your other content efforts:

But the question with content creation is always, “How do you make good stuff, produce it consistently (and cost-effectively), and use it to get the highest ROI possible?”… And that’s exactly what we teach you in this Blueprint. 

Is this Blueprint right for you?

The Build & Launch a Podcast Blueprint is for anyone who wants to use audio storytelling as a content engine to build authority, grow an audience & generate loyal customers.


Walk through every step of the process to build a podcast or revive an old podcast with expert guidance to help elevate your pod game.


Podcasts work across all markets and industries: ecommerce, info products, aspiring influencers, agencies, business owners — you name it.


Consider making podcasting your main content source or incorporating a podcast into your current content strategy.

Achieve Your business goals

Grow a passionate audience, connect with customers on a deeper level, build authority in your market, and generate loyal customers.

What's a Blueprint?

Blueprints are our most targeted trainings, designed to be low cost but high impact.

Unlike our Smart Courses and Mentorships, the point isn’t to learn everything there is to know about a single platform (e.g., Facebook ads).

Instead, you get step-by-step instructions on how to implement one complete marketing strategy (like launching a podcast!), along with all the resources and support you need to execute it successfully.


This Blueprint isn't theory, you'll walk away with a tangible asset to help grow your business.


You'll be implementing one complete strategy that produces real results.


Efficiently complete this blueprint with "sprints," — cycles of learning and implementation.


Blueprints are designed to be low cost but high impact.

Course Outline

This Blueprint contains video tutorials that you can follow along. You should be able to build and launch your podcast in just 2 months!

Module 1

Building a Strong Business Case for Your Podcast
Learn to maximize the opportunity of podcasting for your business. Plus, get to know your audience, as well as how you'll measure success and monetize your show.

Ideal Listener Worksheet

Module 2

Setting Your Show Up for Success: Pre-production
Plan out the structure of your show: from your team, to the content and format of your episodes, to your editorial calendar and potential guests.

Episode Planner

Module 3

Podcast Production for the Busy Entrepreneur
Here's where the magic happens! Learn how to set up your recording space, as well as how to record, edit and "shape" your audio content.

Studio Setup Diagram
Editing Checklist

Module 4

How to Distribute Your Show
Set up your podcast channel, and learn best practices for every episode — including episode titles, show notes and distribution.

Show Notes Template

Module 5

How to Succeed & Scale Up
Now let's promote your show! Learn to set the right budget, optimize your podcast launch, and how to succeed with your project over time.

Launch Checklist

We partnered with the husband-and-wife production team behind our hit podcast to show you every step in the process, including:

Production & Launch

Learn step-by-step how to bring your podcast from conception to execution AND get the support you need to actually execute.

Management & Growth

Use our frameworks to produce episodes consistently while increasing engagement, reach & retention.


Turn your podcast into real customers by leveraging your content the right way across the right channels. HINT: It’s NOT about sponsorships

Turn podcasts into a content engine for your brand in just 2 months

Learn from proven producers behind 20 million+ podcast downloads

Use audio storytelling to build authority, grow an audience & generate loyal customers

30-day, money-back guarantee


Enjoy case studies from Molly & John on other successful podcast launches


Over 30,000 business owners, digital marketers & students worldwide trust Smart Marketer.

All Smart Marketer courses come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not delighted with our products, simply contact our Support Team and you will be given a full refund… No questions asked!