The 2024 Business Growth Playbook

235% ← average growth rate for our clients in the past 12 months! You can achieve this too.

Swipe 9 of our best offensive & defensive "plays" for growth in 2024, and learn exactly how (and when) to deploy each one to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Watch now to get plug-n-play tactics for your:

Ads Offers Funnels Creative Monetization


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Learn brand new content on how to grow digital brands & review tips from Molly & the Smart Marketer team.

Growth Playbook

Copy the same plays we used grow client revenue by 235% in the last 12 months (& our own biz by 169%)!

Ad Swipe File

Swipe 100+ of the top ads from last year, with detailed analysis of what makes them work.

Marketing isn't broken. Ads aren't broken. Your business isn't broken.


A lot of brands struggled last year, and now many people think digital marketing just doesn’t work anymore — but that’s not true!

At Smart Marketer, we helped many of our clients have banner years, including one brand that 8x’d its revenue.

There’s so much opportunity for businesses of all sizes, and it all comes down to adaptability.

average growth rate for our clients
200 %


At this point, the only predictable thing about digital marketing is that it’s unpredictable — so don’t commit to a strategy that can’t adapt.

(That’s like a football team choosing all its plays before the game, regardless of whether it’s 1st down or 4th down.)

To maximize success, you want a set of dependable “plays” you can turn to for what your brand needs at that exact moment.


And that’s what you get with our 2024 Growth Playbook: a collection of tested and proven strategies for any business-altering event.

ROI plummeting? Use our play for lowering CPMs. Conversions spiking? Quick — deploy our fast-scale ad strategy!

It’s a complete tactical guide for any business, agency, freelancer or entrepreneur who wants to optimize their results in the new year.

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Here's how it works:

Through a series of trainings, you’ll see how we’re optimizing the 5 pillars of growth — ads, offers, creative, funnels & monetization — and how they fit into our 2024 Business Growth Playbook.

Here's what you'll get in this training:

9 of Our Best "Plays" for Growth

Swipe 9 of our best offensive & defensive "plays" for growth in 2024, and learn exactly how (and when) to deploy each one to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Get Our Latest Agency Case Studies

Learn how we’re profitably scaling ad accounts to over $50k/day in a variety of industries through case studies that you can apply to your own campaigns.

Get 2 Powerful New Resources for Marketers

On the live call we’ll be sharing these resources: Flexible Use Content and Top 100 Media Buying Questions of 2023 (And Their Answers)

You’ll also learn what’s working for our Agency Clients:

What kind of copy and creative are performing best right now.

How we’re looking at targeting and attribution given the coming iOS changes.

The campaign structure and tactics that are delivering the best results.

What offers are driving the best engagement and the most sales.

Plus, learn the tactics we’re NOT using anymore because they’re no longer working.

Hi, I'm Molly!

I used this Playbook to generate hundreds of millions in revenue for our businesses & clients in the past 12 months...

So if anyone is telling you Digital Marketing is “dead”, be a friend and send them these resources.

Whether you’re new to online business or you’re an old pro, you have a major opportunity right now:

Ad costs have dropped significantly from the end of 2023 – acquiring customers will never be cheaper than it is right now.

But the digital marketing space (and our global economy) just experienced a seismic shift, so it’s never been more important to use the right strategies to achieve your goals.

At the Smart Marketer Agency, we run ads for many 7,8,9 (and one 10!) -figure clients (as well as for our own brands), which allows us to analyze precious data across multiple industries to find out what’s actually working.

Now, we want to pass on these insights to you.

Unlock this Playbook to discover the major trends in digital business over the last 12 months, and find out where the biggest opportunities lie in 2024!

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The 2024 Business Growth Playbook