Get Your Paid Ad Campaigns Ready for the iOS 17 Update

The State of Advertising: iOS 17, Q4 and Scaling in 2024.

Come hang out with Molly, Ezra, & John as they explain what the upcoming iOS 17 update means for advertisers—and how to shift your strategies to avoid a performance crash in September. They’ll also share what’s working now in the Smart Marketer Agency to help you win this Q4 and into the new year.

LIVE on August 24 at 3pm ET

Two Years Ago, An iOS Update Blew Up Online Advertising.

In 2021, Apple released iOS 14.5, restricting Facebook’s ability to track and optimize for conversions. The impact of this change was enormous:

A whopping 38.41% drop in average ROAS (return on ad spend) and an 8.35% drop in MER (marketing efficiency rating).

This comes from a large-scale analysis compiling data from over 200 ecommerce brands totaling $5.9 billion in online revenue.

Now Apple is set to release another game-changer for online advertising with iOS 17, which is about to change the way you track users yet again. Although this wont be nearly as severe are the iOS 14.5 changes, it will affect visibility in to 20% of the users we target with paid ads. It’s something we all need to be paying attention to.

Join us in this free live training to learn what changes are coming and how to prepare yourself so you’re set up for success when the new iOS goes live in September 2023.

We’ll also share critical insights from our latest agency case studies, and finally, help you put it all together so you’re prepared to make the most of this Q4 and get your scaling plan sorted for 2023.

We’ve designed this training to provide value to you whether you’re a brand-new marketer just getting started or an experienced media buyer looking for a few new tricks to add to your arsenal.

Come hang out with us, get prepared for the upcoming iOS update, and level up your digital marketing skills!

Here’s What You’ll Get in This Live Training:

Navigate Upcoming iOS Changes

Find out what you need to know about Apple’s latest iOS update—and how to prepare your campaigns for the BIG changes to come.

Get Our Latest Agency Case Studies

Learn how we’re profitably scaling ad accounts to over $30k/day in a variety of industries through case studies that you can apply to your own campaigns.

Prepare to Monetize This Q4

A strong Q4 can transform your business. Learn how we’re preparing for Q4 given the coming changes, and set yourself up for big success.

Get 2 Powerful New Resources for Marketers

On the live call we’ll be sharing these resources: Flexible Use Content and Top 100 Media Buying Questions of 2023 (And Their Answers)

You’ll Also Learn What’s Working for Our Agency Clients, Including…

What kind of copy and creative are performing best right now.

How we’re looking at targeting and attribution given the coming iOS changes.

The campaign structure and tactics that are delivering the best results.

What offers are driving the best engagement and the most sales.

Plus, learn the tactics we’re NOT using anymore because they’re no longer working.

Your Instructors

Molly Pittman

CEO, Smart Marketer

John Grimshaw

CMO, Smart Marketer

Ezra Firestone

Founder, Smart Marketer