High End Design With Greg Merrilees

by Ezra Firestone

Video Highights
0:17 Greg is responsible for all of the design work you see on,, and now on
0:49 One trend Ezra sees in our community is the importance of production value for conversion rates
1:20 Greg thinks the most important thing when it comes to design work is that it look professional and be user friendly
1:45 Another really important thing to think about is user interaction or anything that gets user feedback
2:00 Greg on how to get good design work on a budget
2:28 Ezra is the mastermind and has the vision but Greg brings it to life and makes it beautiful!
2:45 Ezra thinks that if you’re going to have design work done you should have a clear picture of what you want

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Ezra Firestone: Hey, Ezra here. And I’m with Greg Merrilees. How are you doing?

Greg Merrilees: Good, buddy. How are you doing?

Ezra Firestone: Good, thanks. I’m going to show a picture right now of me just destroying you on a wave. [laughter]

Greg Merrilees: Yes, that was a fun time.

Ezra Firestone: Sorry about that.

Greg Merrilees: Oh, you are. [laughter]

Ezra Firestone: So Greg is responsible for all the design work that you see on, on, now on, on These are a lot of my public facing, community facing businesses, and Greg also does the design for all my behind the scenes businesses that I don’t share publicly with the community.

And one of the things I want to talk about, you design for everybody. You design for Schramko, for Entrepreneur on Fire, for me and all my stuff. For a whole bunch of private clients that I’m sure that we won’t know their names. [laughter]

One of the things that we’re seeing in our community is production value, and how having high quality designs and highly produced videos–and this is across every market that we’re in–increases your conversion rate. So I wanted to talk to you a little bit about, what do you see as trends in design?

How do you ensure, like if someone’s on a low budget how can they get high quality design? And then I want to talk a little bit about our process of working together. Because it’s a unique process, the way you and I work together, and we have stellar results with it. So do you remember those questions?

All right. So first question. What are the trends that you see in design?

Greg Merrilees: Sure, Man. So I think at the moment, we see–as long as it’s got a lot of user friendliness, and easy to navigate and things like that. As long as it looks professional and is user friendly, that’s probably the main thing.

Ezra Firestone: So really simple, Apple style, not a lot of stuff happening.

Greg Merrilees: Really simple, yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Try and simplify it.

Ezra Firestone: Single calls to action for any given page.

Greg Merrilees: Most definitely. Most definitely. Yeah–and also, just interaction in the design. So you might have video in there. You might have videos with–these days you can put surveys within video. Anything to get user feedback as your content.

Ezra Firestone: Cool. How about–how can people get affordable design? Do you have something like 99 Designs, or eLance? How do you end up getting design that, let’s say is cheaper than what you charge?

Greg Merrilees: Sure. Yeah. There’s definitely crowdsourcing out there. There’s 99 Designs, there’s oDesk, eLance, et cetera. But there’s certainly some advantages of using them, but there’s also disadvantages. Because you don’t have support, you can’t always find these people for a repeat design, et cetera.

But yeah, there are options out there.

Ezra Firestone: So one of the ways that Greg and I work together that’s unique is I’m like the mastermind behind how things should function and what the structure of the website is. If you follow my Smart Marketer blog and some of the other videos that I put out, you’ll see what I think good structure for webinar landing pages is, and good structure for blog pages and ecommerce stores.

Then I just make little checkboxes, chicken scratch of what the structure should be, right? On the page.

Greg Merrilees: Yeah.

Ezra Firestone: And then you take that and make it beautiful. I think that there’s something to be said, if you’re going to have design work done, you should have an idea of what you want the structure of that site to be that you can then send to your designer. You’ll get better results that way because you know what you want.

Greg Merrilees: Yeah, exactly. On top of that, if your designer has a questionnaire, ask your designer if they have a questionnaire that’s going to help their design process. Because it can get a much better result in a shorter amount of time.

Ezra Firestone: Cool. So this is Greg Merrilees, Ezra Firestone, talking to you about having really beautiful, high converting and easy to use website designs. It’s very smart if you’re going to have some sort of online-based business that you make it very easy to interact with, and beautiful when people see it.

Greg Merrilees: Got it. Thanks Dude, cheers. Thank you.