Training w/ Brett Curry & Ezra Firestone

3 Google Ad Campaigns Every Brand Needs in 2023

Based on $100 Million/Year in Spend

Swipe Brett’s 3 most high-impact campaigns for YouTube, Shopping & retargeting, with in-depth case studies from Ezra’s brands oVertone & BOOM!. Plus, learn how Brett completely updated his Google Ads strategy to succeed in 2023.

Be honest — have you been avoiding Google Ads?

We get it! For most brands that advertise on Facebook and Instagram, Google can feel a little intimidating. 

That’s why Brett and Ezra are here to make things simple with 3 campaigns that everyone should be running in 2023.

These campaigns are easy to set up, work for any size team or budget, and if this is the only you thing you do with Google Ads this year, it’ll still add easy revenue to your bottom line.

Just look at Brett’s results running Google Ads for Ezra’s two 8-figure brands:

Brett’s agency does over $100 million/year in profitable ad spend for 80+ clients, so they’ve seen what works across different markets…

And in this live training, Brett and Ezra are taking the 3 most high-impact campaigns they’ve used over the last 12 months and breaking them down step by step. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re:

New to Google Ads and looking for an 80/20 approach to getting started, or…

Experienced with Google Ads and looking for what’s working right now on the platform…

This live training will have something for you — make sure you don't miss it!

Did You know:

More people watch YouTube during primetime than all the top cable networks put together.

Google spans 97% of the Internet — that's double the reach of Facebook and Instagram combined.

On average, brands see a 43% lift in purchase intent after running a YouTube campaign.

Google just put all their ad channels (including Shopping, Search & YouTube) under 1 easy-to-use platform.

More than 1 billion shopping experiences occur every day across Google's channels.

Your Instructors

Brett Curry

Founder, OMG Commerce

Ezra Firestone

Founder, BOOM! By Cindy Joseph, oVertone