Now you can have access to my sales funnels, checklists, marketing campaigns, advertising strategies, all the tools I use to run my eCommerce business, and my private Facebook group!
  • Direct Access To Ezra & The Smart Marketer Team in our Private Facebook Group
  • A full community of support!
  • You get our best sales funnels, landing pages, and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Special member only mastermind events
  • Immediate Access To The Smart Marketer eCommerce Training Library including our most recent split tests
  • eCommerce Templates, Email Swipe Files and much More!

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“Ezra delivers fantastic results with every email, course, and live event that he does so I knew that this would give us the best chance to succeed in eCommerce beyond the Amazon channel. We were missing the follow up marketing … the ability to get someone to buy more than once.

“We don't want to simply sell a product and the customer is gone; we want to maximize what the customer spends on the first transaction and then maximize the relationship with that customer and Ezra is fantastic at that.

Chris Keef

What you need to grow your business

There are just 3 things you need to grow your business:

You Need Just Three Things

  • More Traffic
  • Higher Conversions
  • Repeat Customers

When you join the smart marketer eCommerce community you get access to all of my traffic strategies. We have a live members only monthly mastermind call each month where we share our most recent advertising campaigns and what traffic sources are working for us right now.

Take Courses and Implement Actions

We also have a traffic courses immediately available to you in the eCommerce Training Library:

  • Facebook Advertising & Media Buying Series
  • Content Marketing For Traffic and Sales
  • Google Shopping Training
  • Much More!

Mastermind Calls

Another thing we focus on in each mastermind call is conversion rate optimization! You'll be able to stay up to date on all of our recent eCommerce split tests, landing pages, and sales funnels. Most people who implement our optimization best practices are able to double their conversion rates over night!

Behind The Scenes Access

You get behind the scenes access to my highest converting sales funnels and these trainings are immediately available:

  • Get More From Your Store: How To Double Your eCommerce Conversion Rate
  • The Future of eCommerce Design: Catering To A Touch Based Consumer
  • "The Firestone Footer" Landing Page Template
  • And we release a new landing page design every few months!

“Ezra is a little bit intense. He is fun but he makes sure you kick ass and get things done all day long! If you have a question he’s got a team of people ready to answer it for you.

“We built our funnel, it was extremely robust and really cool! I learned a new system and for eCommerce there’s nothing better. If you want to grow, follow Ezra.

Ann Premazon

Save On The Yearly membership today!

Mentors are waiting to answer your questions in the private community facebook group

Creative Director

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

(CMO) Chief Marketing Officer

Lead Developer

(CSO) Chief Strategy Officer

Lead Designer

(CPO) Chief Platform Officer

Video Editor

Copy & CRO Manager

Customer Service Manager

Social Media Manager

App Specialist


Project Manager

App Specialist

One of the beautiful things about eCommerce is that it is always changing. The only way to stay up to date on what is working is to be connected to a group of people who are out there testing things and sharing their results. That is exactly what we do here at Smart Marketer and it's what your fellow community members do as well. This is why we have the members only Facebook group that you will use to ask us questions and communicate with community members. You can ask as many questions as you like inside the community and we will answer them for you. Never get stuck with a virtual roadblock again!

What’s inside the community?

You get access to our private Facebook group, video trainings, PDF's, checklists, online courses, and more! They are either paid courses or were recorded from high value live events held by Smart Marketer. New training is added constantly. Whenever Ezra presents new material anywhere in the world, you can be sure a copy will be added inside our private members area soon after.

You will get immediate access to:

  • Smart Marketer Live: The foundation for all eCommerce Business
  • Industry Event Recordings including: Traffic and Conversion Summit, SuperFastBusiness Live, Amazing Selling Machine Live and More!
  • eCommerce Facebook Ads Mini Series: A Step By Step Guide On How To Buy Ads On Facebook
  • Content Marketing For Traffic and Sales Course: How To Use Blogging To Grow Your Business
  • New training modules added all the time - Screenflows, screen shots, templates and hot tips delivered fresh when they are created
  • Monthly Mastermind Call - All the best topics. Ezra Firestone hosts a Live MONTHLY mastermind for you.
  • Direct Access To Ezra & The Smart Marketer Team in our Private Facebook Group

Who is this for?

The Community is perfect for early intermediate to advanced eCommerce business owners who want support in growing their business. It is ideal for Amazon sellers and direct response marketers. If you are brand new to eCommerce then be prepared to ask a lot of questions while you learn the ropes. We will support you and you may feel intimidated and overwhelmed at first. If you are experienced in eCommerce then prepare to dive right in! You'll love this community and we'll help you take your business to the next level.

Why Join?

Being part of a community speeds up your learning process and provides you the support you need to get results much faster than going it alone. If you have ever been a part of an forum or group then our community will impress you with the content and the quality of our members. Every member is committed to getting results and most members share what's working for them so you not only get access to what is working for us here at smart marketer, but you also get access to what's working for the rest of the community as well.

Every olympic athlete has one thing in common…

They all have a coach! Someone who is in their corner, supporting them. Who's been there and done that and can show them the ropes. Someone who can be objective and help them achieve their goals. Our community can play this role in your business. We will help you make the right decisions and put your focus and energy into the right places so that you are not only working hard, but working smart!

Live monthly mastermind sessions

Ezra hosts a mastermind call each month where we share what's working for us and where members from around the globe meetup LIVE online to share tips and ideas. The recordings are added to the community after they are completed.

Why was the community created?

When we started in eCommerce, this is what we wished existed. We wanted one place to go to get all of our strategy, direction, inspiration and connection to other people in the field ... it didn't exist, so we've now created it. Rather than hopping from forum to forum or training to training we wanted to make it easy to stay up to date on what is going on in the eCommerce world and get access to the newest strategies and tactics. One thing we've learned is that there is power in groups ... people are who you get things from and learn things from, so I created a community here and Smart Marketer where all of that would be available.

How much does membership cost?

Your investment to join the community is $1497 per year. You can stop access anytime you like by contacting our support team. The majority of our members stick around for the long haul since the value gained for being a member is significantly more than the admission investment.

Will i get rich quickly without any effort?

No. You will have to put in hours of hard work and even with the right strategy and tactics, your success is not guaranteed. I can help you will great information and support but you will get out of your business what you put into it. In order to make money online you have to create value for others and put in the energy required.

Can I order then ask for a refund after I download all the good stuff?

There are no refunds. Within minutes of ordering you will be able to download 9 years worth of my effort and knowledge. None of the content is 'drip fed' so you get everything immediately. There is no un-doing that once you access the members area. It's been my experience that people who take personal responsibility for their business and life see more success.

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All of these courses are included inside, available to watch instantly:

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P.S. - If you are not sure if you should join please send me an email at and tell me your biggest reason why you are unsure. I will let you know if the community is right for you!