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Your Guide to a Meaningful Life & Career in the Digital Era | By Molly Pittman

A letter from Molly Pittman
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Many of the lessons you’ll read in this book took me over a decade to learn — and the price I paid to learn them shook me to my core. 

I’m talking about life-changing lessons like this one from the Introduction of Click Happy that almost ended my career:

Back in 2015, I was at a soaring high professionally. I jumped from making $12 an hour as a part-time intern to making a cushy 6-figure salary as a Vice President of Marketing.

On the outside, my life seemed totally perfect with my dream job and my high-rise apartment — but on the inside it felt like I was slowly dying.

The truth is I was about to hit rock bottom…  

16-hour work days were destroying my body, my relationships were suffering, and worst of all I had lost my sense of purpose. 

I was crushing it, so why did I feel so terrible?

Because I was totally burnt out.

Burnout is a serious risk for anyone who works in digital, and learning how to avoid it is one of the most important lessons you will ever learn.

No matter which career path you take, carving out a strong work-life balance is the only way you will succeed long term.

That’s why I created Balanced Being — a free workshop I give to everyone who buys a physical copy or Kindle version of Click Happy:

How to Find Purpose, Meaning & Balance in a Digital Career


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Since Balanced Being is a special gift for people who purchase a copy of Click Happy, I didn’t include it with your free pdf download. 

However, you can get the workshop for free when you purchase Click Happy in any format — and right now the Kindle version is only $7.49 on Amazon!

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Stop running full speed in the wrong direction!

In this workshop, Molly teaches you how to infuse your life with new interest, energy and purpose by being more intentional about your personal and professional choices.

You will learn the guiding principles and daily practices that help shape a healthy, balanced career, and leave with a greater understanding of how to get what you want — as well as actionable strategies to help you thrive as a digital professional.

Career Coaching

Choose the right path and start planning your future with expert advice from Molly and the Founder of a real $60 million digital brand.

Maximizing Impact

Start being more intentional with your personal and professional choices so you can maximize your impact in whatever future you choose.

Work-Life Balance

Burnout is a serious mental and physical danger for digital employees. This workshop shows you how to use sustainable routines to live a happier, healthier life.

The Digital Diet

Working in digital can be challenging, but you’ll thrive with Molly’s healthy habits for diet, screen time and how to create meaningful work relationships.

What’s Included

$297 Value — FREE when you order Click Happy


Through Molly’s incredible insights & her candid interviews with digital professionals, you will learn the guiding principles and daily practices that help shape a healthy, balanced career.


At the end of each video, these exercises will help you reflect on what we covered, apply the ideas to your own life, and discover key insights about what’s most important to you.


After you complete this workshop, you will leave with a toolkit of actionable strategies to help you achieve your goals and thrive as a digital professional.

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