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Use this SOP to create your own Ads Performance Report and get clear insight into your campaigns. (This is the same report we give our agency clients every week!)

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Smart Paid Traffic

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Join MOLLY PITTMAN’S on-demand* paid traffic program and learn how to succeed as a media buyer in any market or industry.

Over 30,000 business owners, digital marketers & students worldwide trust Smart Marketer.

12 Weeks Of Strategy Sessions

Plus over 50 new how-to implementation tutorials.

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2024 Updates

We rebuilt Smart Paid Traffic from the ground up to help you tackle the most urgent problems (and opportunities) facing media buyers in 2024:

How to adapt to Apple's ios 14 update

Over 50 new, how-to implementation tutorials

The most up-to-date Facebook ads course on the planet

hi, i’m molly!

And becoming a professional media buyer completely changed my life.

When I decided to learn digital marketing, I was a bartender in Kentucky and I didn’t even know what paid traffic was.

Today, I’ve overseen $100 million in ad spend and taught thousands of marketers how to improve their advertising and push their careers forward.

So how did I manage to succeed in a crowded industry that’s constantly evolving??

I got a mentor! Back in 2012 I started working with Ryan Deiss, who showed me the ropes and taught me how to think like a marketer. I spent thousands of hours sharpening my skills and millions of dollars running ad campaigns.

From there, I developed my 9-step traffic system and helped 4x the company on my way to becoming Vice President. (Not bad, huh?!)

But it wasn’t until I started teaching Train My Traffic Person that it finally hit me: while media buying is my craft — and I love it — teaching is my passion.

So in 2020, when Ezra Firestone asked me to be the next CEO of Smart Marketer, I jumped at the chance to make education a larger part of my life.

In the last two years I’ve mentored over 1,000 TMTP students and taught them how to succeed during this chaotic time in digital advertising. Despite new privacy restrictions, supply chain problems and increased seller competition, I’ve helped my students keep winning in this new era of Facebook.

Now, I want to teach you my proven traffic system so you can win as a media buyer in any industry or market.


Smart Paid Traffic

A streamable 12-week training program rebuilt from the ground up to beat ios 14.

How This Course Will Help You Succeed


That’s me! I’m one of the industry’s most sought-after educators and media buyers, and I’m honored to be your teacher for the next 12 weeks.

Updated Curriculum

25 sessions and over 40 hours of content, updated to reflect iOS 14 and other changes to the traffic landscape.

50 How-to Videos

Detailed implementation tutorials to help you set up, launch and manage your campaigns.

Resource Library

More fill-in-the-blank worksheets and templates to guide you through every module (the same resources I use on a daily basis).

Over-the-shoulder Examples

See exactly how everything is done before doing it yourself.

Recorded Q&A Sessions

I answer student questions from my most recent live semester and give feedback on their work.

Weekly action items

To hold you accountable and help you reach your goals.

You choose your speed

All media buyers are different, and Smart Paid Traffic gives you the flexibility to complete this course around your busy schedule.

A show of hands: who wants to beat rising costs, diminishing returns & changing platforms?

I know I can’t be the only one with my hand up!

As media buyers, we rely on our ability to ROI on our ad spend — not sometimes, not that one time, but all the time.

iOS 14 will change advertising forever. In 2021, Facebook made the most dramatic changes to their platform in six years, and everyone — including me — is having to adapt…

And that’s a good thing! It means more opportunity for you in whatever market you’re in. But as we lose crucial in-platform data, most people will fail to see results.

Here are the biggest challenges media buyers face in 2024:

“I'm new to Facebook, and I'm struggling to get traffic or make online sales.”

“My ads were working, but now they're not! What ongoing maintenance should I do to keep my campaigns from going cold?”

“I don't know how to adapt to iOS 14. The strategy I was using to stay profitable is now obsolete.”

“My ads keep getting shut down! The volatility of Facebook is really hurting my bottom line.”

“I have a small budget. How can I run ads without losing a lot of money on trial and error?”

But when I give a consultation or start with a new client, I see that their real problem is almost always the same: a lack of process. Which is great, because I know that I can offer a solution:

Here is the structure that I add to their paid traffic strategy to help improve their results:

My 9-step Traffic System

And in Smart Paid Traffic I teach you this structure step by step, so you can profit from your ad spend no matter what else is going on in the traffic landscape.

All YOU need to do is commit to learning and implementing the material.

Course Curriculum

New strategy sessions

Reflecting Apple's iOS 14 update and other changes to the traffic landscape.

50+ new how-to videos

Showing you step by step how to implement everything you learn.

9 new template and worksheets

In our Resource Library guide you through each module.

Session 1

Setting the Strategy
Learn Molly's 9-step process, The Traffic Engine, for building profitable, scalable paid traffic systems along with an overview of what you need to succeed as a media buyer.

How to Think Like a Media Buyer
Planning Your Traffic System
Look Inside an Ecommerce Traffic System
Look Inside a Non-Ecommerce Traffic System
Look Inside a Local Traffic System
Defining Your Business Objective
Resource Roundup
Traffic System Planning Sheet

Session 2

Crafting the Offer
The best paid traffic campaign can't overcome a bad offer, so to succeed as a media buyer you must first understand how to craft offers that convert for any paid traffic platforms.

⊕ The Offer Formula: Part 1
⊕ The Offer Formula: Part 2
⊕ How to Build a High Converting Lead Magnet: Part 1
⊕ How to Build a High Converting Lead Magnet: Part 2
⊕ Funnel Map # 1: Lead Magnet to Core Offer
⊕ Funnel Map # 2: Mini Class Funnel
⊕ Funnel Map # 3: Webinar Funnel
⊕ Funnel Map # 4: Lead Magnet to Low Dollar Offer
⊕ Funnel Map # 5: Lead Magnet to Sales Call
⊕ Funnel Map # 6: Free Item / Service to Upsell
⊕ Funnel Map # 7: Butter Chicken
⊕ Funnel Map # 8: Pre-sell Article
⊕ Funnel Map # 9: % Off Store or Product
⊕ Ultimate Product Page: Part 1
⊕ Ultimate Product Page: Part 2
⊕ Mini Site: Part 1
⊕ Mini Site: Part 2
⊕ High Converting E-Commerce Acquisition Funnels: Part 1
⊕ High Converting E-Commerce Acquisition Funnels: Part 2

Session 3

Defining the Who & Why
Eye-catching ads start with knowing who you're targeting and why they should care. This module will teach you how to define your customer persona and find them online.

What You Need to Know About the Who
Market Centric vs. Product Centric
How Do I Find My Avatar?
Getting Into the Mind of Your Avatar
Sipping on Potions
Transformation Grid
Answer These Questions
 Action Steps
Customer Avatar Questionnaire
Customer Persona Canvas
Transformation Grid
Hook Questionnaire

Session 4

Ideating Campaign Assets
In order to go fishing on any good paid traffic platform, you'll need some sharp hooks! Get 20 proven hooks from Molly and learn how to customize them to your business.

Select Your Copy Styles
Ad Multiplier Step 1
Select Your Creative Styles
Ad Multiplier Step 2
Action Steps
BONUS: How to Create Long Form Ad Copy
BONUS: Copywriting Training w/ Alex Cattoni

Session 5

Creating Campaign Assets
The last piece of the campaign puzzle is to actually build our the campaign assets! In this session, Molly helps you transform the tools you've built in the last 3 sessions into high-converting ads.

My Update to BOOM’s Targeting
Copy Tips with Molly
Copy Formulas with Ezra
High Converting Creatives
FB Video Ad Formulas with Ezra
BOOM Creatives with Boris
Action Items
Targeting Research Exercise

Session 6

Building & Launching the Campaign
Campaign structure is the silent killer of an otherwise perfectly constructed campaign! In this session, Molly takes you by the hand and explains how to set up Facebook campaigns to convert.

Campaign Objective
How to Set Up a Conversion Campaign
How to Set up a Traffic Campaign
How to Set Up ABO Campaign
How to Set Up a CBO Campaign
Lifetime vs Daily Budgets
Audience Insights
Dynamic Creative
How to Find your Post ID
How to Set Up an Organic Post or Previous Ad as a New Ad
Super Look-A Likes
Advanced Look-A-Likes
How to Use Ad System Planning Sheets

Session 7

Analyzing the Results
After a campaign launches, information rolls in. In this session, John shows how to sort winning campaigns from dead weight & how to track performance in the age of iOS 15.

The How & Why of UTM Parameters
An Introduction to Google Analytics
[Advanced] Smarter Scale With Customer Value Velocity
An Introduction To Facebook Events Manager
[Case Study] Facebook Ads Managers Limitations / Analyzing Performance With Google Analytics
An Introduction To The Campaign Performance Tracking Sheet
Filling Out The Campaign Performance Tracking Sheet – Post iOS15 Tracking Strategies
[Deep Dive] Setting Up Google Analytics
Tracking Sheet

Session 8

Optimize Your Campaign
80% of campaigns don't work right off the bat. But rather than scrapping good assets, watch Molly show you her 5-step troubleshooting process to save your Facebook campaigns!

How to Audit a Traffic Campaign (or System)
Audit of BOOM’s FB Ad Account
Audit of Smart Marketer’s Recent Launch
On-Site Optimization & Heat Maps
Troubleshooting inside BOOM’s FB Ad Account
Traffic Plan Worksheet

Session 9

Scaling the Campaign
Once we've optimized a campaign, it's time to bump up the spend (and return)! In this session, Molly will introduce the why and how of the key two kinds scale: Horizontal & Vertical.

CBO Best Practices
Scaling with CBO
Scaling with Automated Rules
Scaling to $100k/day in Ad Spend

Session 10

Retargeting is one of most powerful levers for digital ads on any platform. This session will help you master this highly-profitable ad type and convert potential buyers into happy customers!

Dynamic Product Ads

Session 11

Scaling to Other Traffic Channels
Scaling off of Facebook is one of the best ways to get more from winning campaigns and ensure yourself against platform changes. This module will help you dive into Google & YouTube.

YouTube Retargeting with Tom Breeze
Google Ads with Mike Rhodes
Google Ads Audit Checklist

Session 12

How to Succeed as a Media Buyer
Congratulations, you've mastered the 9-step traffic engine! Now that you know the core principles, expand your skills and performance by exploring additional marketing topics & tools.

Agency & Freelancing with James Schramko
Demystifying Facebook’s Conversion API with Aaron Bailey
8-Step Social Media Plan with Laura Palladino
Juicing Blog Content with Laura Palladino
Advertorials with Nehal Kazim
Acquiring 10,000 Subscribers in 6 Months with Ryan McKenzie


An Introduction to TikTok Ads
TikTok isn’t just for Gen Z dance vids. TikTok works for every industry and how it works for high-ticket offers.

An Introduction to TikTok Ads
Mastering Your TikTok Ad Creative
TikTok Advertising Unlocked: How to Advertise Like a Pro

How does Smart Paid Traffic work?

Twice a year Molly teaches a live, 12-week mentorship called Train My Traffic Person.

But for students who are looking for an option that better suits their schedule — or who are currently unable to invest the full $2,997 — we also offer Smart Paid Traffic.

It contains the same training videos and course materials as TMTP (via recordings from our most recent semester) but without the direct access to Molly that the mentorship provides, and at the discounted price of $1,497.

What’s great about Smart Paid Traffic is you don’t have to wait for a new semester to begin; you can start right away.

Once you sign up, you will be granted immediate access to the SPT members area where the week 1 strategy session and Q&A recording will be waiting for you.

From there, you can go at your own pace.

Each week, you will receive the next training recording along with any resources, bonus lessons and Q&As. With no live calls to attend and no risk of falling behind, you can take your time and absorb all the material before moving on to the next lesson.

So to recap, here are a few reasons to consider Smart Paid Traffic

Start Immediately

Don't want to wait for the next semester of TMTP? Start learning paid traffic right now.

Set Your Schedule

You don't have to commit to any live calls of juggle different time zones.

Get All Course Materials

Perfect if you want all the strategies and worksheets from TMTP, but don't need personal attention from Molly.

Save Money

Because this course doesn't include the mentorship component, you pay $1,497 instead of $2,997.

Who is This Program For

This training is for anyone who wants to learn the art of paid traffic, or sharpen the skills they already have.

New Media Buyers
Avoid the costly process of trial and error. This course will give you an A-Z traffic training that will put you light-years ahead of most media buyers. (Lucky you! I wish I’d found this when I was just getting started.)


Advanced Media Buyers
This course is perfect for pros looking to sharpen their skills. You know how valuable it is to improve even one small part of your process, and I guarantee you will get a ton of new strategies to improve your ROI.


Whether you’re the owner or a team member, having a capable media buyer in-house is incredibly valuable. Without a profitable ads strategy, it can be almost impossible to grow; with the wrong one, you can make a lot of very costly mistakes.


Freelance / Agency
In my experience, most clients won’t give you a lot of time or many opportunities to start delivering the goods. TMTP will help you communicate better with your team, get bigger wins and keep more accounts.


Ecommerce, Info, Services & SaaS
In my ad agency, I use this same exact traffic strategy for all my clients no matter what industry they’re in, so I can guarantee that the techniques in TMTP are effective in all of them. The content of your campaigns might change, but the forces of media buying don’t!



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